4 Ways Pyxl’s Digital Agency Can Help Your Company Grow

Oct 07, 2022 | 6  min
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Founded in 2008, Pyxl is one of the leading full-service digital agencies in the country.  Pyxl is a team of creatives, technologists, and marketers who collaborate with businesses of all industries to accomplish their business and marketing goals. We combine deep expertise in technology, UX/UI, and digital marketing to create exceptional user experiences that assist in driving engagement and generating sales. 

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Pyxl is a team of professionals who work with clients across the country to build amazing websites, products, and digital marketing campaigns for customers.

As a digital agency, we assist businesses in driving meaningful change and sustained growth. Discover how Pyxl can help your business succeed by solving your digital challenges.

Why is digital marketing so important for your business?

Changing times have also altered the way businesses interact with their customers. The marketing world has taken on a radically different face as the traditional methods of advertising have been reinterpreted. With digital marketing, there are many possibilities and opportunities that businesses can take advantage of to grow. 

Following are some of the factors that highlight the importance of digital marketing:

  1. Helps in making the right decisions when it comes to attracting the target audience.
  2. Ensures businesses stay competitive in their industry.
  3. Improves the brand’s awareness and recognition by enhancing its visibility to the right audience at scale.
  4. Provides excellent returns on investment.
  5. Provides a comprehensive approach to targeting people throughout their purchase cycles, regardless of where they are in the process.
  6. Aids in tracking campaigns’ effectiveness more precisely.
  7. Offers a solution that is both fast and cost-effective.
  8. Promotes your business effectively and efficiently using a variety of different media channels.

What are some of the challenges faced in digital marketing?

We are living in an era where innovations, techniques, and technologies related to digital marketing are constantly advancing. Sometimes, this proves to be quite challenging for marketers. In addition to that, many businesses find it difficult to create consistent, compelling, and relevant content for the audience they are trying to reach. 

The following are some of the challenges faced in digital marketing:

  1. Creating content that is up-to-date and engaging for your target audience.
  2. Building an effective multichannel marketing strategy.
  3. Maintaining current knowledge of the evolving algorithmic landscape.
  4. Having a consistent approach to managing the brand.
  5. Keeping up with the ever-increasing level of competition in the market today.
  6. Understanding and utilizing a wide range of tools and technologies.
  7. Training and development of the team.
  8. Choosing the right digital agency.

Ways in which Pyxl’s digital agency can help your business:

Even though digital marketing has its challenges, it still remains a highly effective method of marketing. If your business is unsure, hesitant, or doesn’t have the resources to dive into the world of digital marketing, a digital marketing agency like Pyxl can help. Outsourcing to a digital agency brings forth an outside perspective, cost savings, a team of industry experts, insights into the latest trends and resources along with data-driven results. 

With Pyxl, you’ll be working with digital marketing experts who specialize in effective and innovative marketing strategies:  

1. Pyxl Strategy Services

In order to be successful in digital marketing, you must have a solid strategy in place. With Pyxl, we work with you to discover your brand’s needs and develop a long-term or even short-term business strategy that works. We offer retainers and special projects customized to fit the requirements of the business. 

Pyxl helps in implementing digital strategies such as: 

  • Market and Competitive Research: Pyxl works with you to conduct conclusive research that helps your business get started with digital strategies. 
  • Marketing Strategy: Our team makes a strong marketing plan to define goals and objectives for your business. 
  • CRM and Sales Funnel Strategy: Knowing and keeping your customers is one of the most important things you can do to succeed. Partner with Pyxl for a CRM and sales funnel strategy that can help you reach where your customers are.
  • Brand Positioning and Messaging: Understanding and effectively communicating your brand’s important details are crucial when it comes to digital marketing. By developing a brand positioning and messaging strategy with Pyxl, you can better understand and communicate your brand’s positioning and messaging.
  • UX Consulting: Since your customers are the backbone of your brand, it is important to give them a great user experience at every stage of their relationship with your brand. It is our goal to help you develop a brand experience that works for your customers. 
  • Process Automation: Our team can work to find ways that streamline your digital marketing and make it more efficient for all members of your team with process automation.

2. Pyxl Design Services

Creating a brand that is consistent and well-designed is critical for the success of any business. In addition, it makes it easier for the customer to recognize your brand and give the impression that your company is credible and trustworthy. With Pyxl, we aim to create just that. 

Pyxl offers the following holistic design services:

  • User Testing and Personas: By conducting user tests and creating personas, we ensure that your customers get the best possible experience and you get the best possible digital strategy.
  • Wireframing and Prototyping: The process of creating an app or a website is complex. You can visualize what your website or app could look like with our wireframing and prototyping!
  • Data-Informed UX Design: Backed with research, we help you create a meaningful user experience-driven design.
  • UI and Interaction Design: We help you design a web or app interface that is user-friendly, responsive, and easy to use.
  • Design-Thinking Workshops: These fun and in-depth workshops will assist in developing a brand design that is representative of your business.
  • Graphic Design and Animation: Graphics makes a brand come to life! Our team will work with you to create graphics and animations that reflect the unique characteristics of your brand.
  • Professional Video Production: Create videos that tell the story of your brand. Whether you need help with storyboarding or creating, we’ve got you covered.
  • Video Animation and Interactive Video: By adding animation to your videos and making them interactive, Pyxl can take your videos to a whole new level and make them more interesting and engaging.

3. Pyxl Engineering and Development Services

Whenever you are marketing your business, you should be backed up by a reliable back-end system.

Pyxl has comprehensive tools and techniques to enhance your web and app presence:

  • Website Development: Pyxl is able to help you design and build a website that is equipped with all the capabilities that your business requires. 
  • Platform and data migration: By ensuring a smooth transition between platforms, we will provide you with a high level of platform and data support.
  • eCommerce Platform Management: By building a robust platform that you can use to manage and grow your online business, our team streamlines your operations.
  • Website Maintenance and Hosting: Pyxl ensures that your website is kept up-to-date and running smoothly in order for your users to have the greatest experience possible.
  • Custom API Integrations: Keeping your data synced and improving business productivity will be our priority as we establish custom API connections between any of your team’s applications and HubSpot.
  • CRM and Other Middleware Management: As your partner, we can ensure your data is organized and is working to better serve your team and your customers.

4. Pyxl Marketing Services

In today’s ever-changing world of digital media, it is more important than ever to be on the right platforms so that your business is seen by the right people. With Pyxl you don’t have to worry about SEO or the changing social media algorithms. We take care of all that while creating high-quality engaging content that has a big impact on your business.

Below are the marketing services Pyxl provides:

  • Marketing Personas: We work with you to understand who your customers are and where to target them through the creation of personas. 
  • Lead Acquisition and Nurturing: Our goal is to find unique ways to generate more leads for your business and nurture those leads into customers.
  • Brand Messaging: We partner with your business to develop a solid brand message strategy that encompasses your business’s value and personality, and resonates with your audience.
  • Media Strategy and Management: Pyxl works to develop and maintain a solid paid media strategy that is effective and efficient.
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns: Our team helps you build campaigns that capture your audience’s attention and enable you to achieve your marketing objectives.
  • CRM Management: Partner with us to help organize your company’s relationships and interactions within your customer relationship management platform.
  • Content Creation: We will take care of your social media marketing, blogging, and any other type of digital content that you may need.
  • HubSpot Services: As a platinum HubSpot partner, we can provide you with a range of HubSpot services. 
  • Data Analytics and Reporting: Our focus is to provide your business with the data and reports to make data-driven decisions for continued success.

As your partner, we’re committed to achieving success for your business. From understanding how your business works and where it can go, to creating high-end engineering and marketing deliverables that boost your digital presence, we’re here for you every step of the way. We make sure that every aspect of our work reflects your brand’s essence, while at the same time delivering results that fit your business needs.

If you have questions about any of the digital agency services we offer, feel free to contact us here at Pyxl! to see how our team of digital experts can help your business develop a digital strategy that takes your business to the next level.

Updated: Oct 07, 2022

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