Clutch Recognizes Pyxl as Tennessee’s Leading Branding Partner

Aug 03, 2022 | 2  min
author Pramita Pramod

Drive your business forward and make an impact across the digital spectrum with Pyxl. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, our team helps businesses approach whatever digital problems they have through our bespoke services and solutions. We are a partner that seeks to better understand your unique needs so we can deliver the best results.

Because of our incredible clients’ support and stamp of approval, we’ve recently gained recognition from a trusted industry resource. Just recently, we caught wind that Pyxl was officially recognized during the annual Clutch Leaders Awards for the United States. The platform’s esteemed 2022 research states that our team is among the highest-ranking branding agencies from Tennessee!

“Pyxl is thrilled to be named a Clutch Leader in the digital space and to be honored by our peers! We’re so thankful to have an amazing team of talented and dedicated staff to support our incredible clients in reaching their goals.”

— Brian Winter, CEO and Founder of Pyxl

Clutch is an independent B2B market research platform that cuts through disorganized markets by collecting client feedback. The website annually identifies and recognizes outstanding leaders from various categories or sectors. The evaluation process involves closely analyzing each service provider’s client testimonials, portfolio, and market position. We’re proud to rank highly on their coveted Leaders Matrix for our services!

In addition to our Clutch award, we’re also stoked to share with all of you that we’ve been featured as a leading digital strategy agency on Visual Objects, a portfolio site that showcases the top creative businesses and agencies.

We’re absolutely proud of the achievements we’ve unlocked because of our clients’ tremendous trust! The entire Pyxl team extends their sincerest gratitude to everyone who showed their appreciation and support. We look forward to more exciting opportunities with all of you moving forward!

Together, we design. Work with Pyxl today! Don’t be a stranger and say hi to our team!

Updated: Mar 01, 2023

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