Seven Reasons Why You Need a Digital Strategy

Aug 02, 2018 | 3  min
author Pyxl Development

Because, duh.

But really, every company should have a digital strategy. This is what informs your marketing tactics and outlines how you will reach your goals online. While the execution of digital tactics is what most companies need help with, creating the strategy is the essential first step toward success digitally. Without it, there is no guiding light. Unfortunately, many companies are stuck thinking their traditional efforts are working and don’t know the benefits of moving online. This is where digital can shine, thanks to metrics providing closed-looped ROI data. This results-driven approach is the basis for digital strategy.

You need a comprehensive, digital marketing approach that works for you. This begins with auditing your current efforts, traditional and digital, and using the findings to discover what pieces are working, what pieces are missing and if you’re heading towards success. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your digital marketing efforts. Rather, your strategy should be a compilation of different tactics served at the right time to the right audience.

Here are seven reasons why you need a digital strategy:

1. Discovery

The first step of the process is the discovery stage. This is not only important because it informs the strategy, but also because it provides a time to reevaluate and optimize your company goals, current tactics, target audience, and more.

2. Eliminate missed opportunities

In the strategy process, you’ll be able to identify areas for better optimization and new areas to focus on. This helps eliminate any potential missed opportunities that could arise if you’d skipped the strategy stage.

3. Truly reach your audience

The majority of people are constantly connected via their smartphone, laptop, desktop, and any other “smart” or technological items. If they spend most of their time online, this is where you want to be! Having a cohesive digital strategy allows you to reach your target audience more effectively, using the platforms they prefer to spend their time on. If you aren’t meeting your customers where they are — online — another company will.

4. Digital differentiation

Discover ways to differentiate your company online by generating potential leads and nurturing current leads. Without a clear digital strategy, it won’t be a cohesive experience, and you won’t stand out from the crowd.

5. Provide direction

A digital strategy will help you outline and create a clear path to strategic goals. It will also help you determine benchmarks to hit, and the tactics that will lead you to success. To do this, determine what success looks like for you and create your digital strategy around it to help you get there.

6. Track ROI

One of the biggest benefits of a digital strategy is the ability to track ROI with the tactics put into place. It’s easy to keep track of your progress with analytics online. Plus, measuring every marketing tactic ensures a cost-effective strategy so you can create the capabilities to support your digital strategy and operations.

7. Get everyone on the same page

An integrated digital marketing strategy establishes a vision that is aligned with every department. That way, everyone will be able to communicate a consistent brand message, resulting in a unified brand image.

These seven reasons to create a digital strategy are just the tip of the iceberg. Now that you know that having a digital strategy creates a plan to engage your audience and grow your business, turn that into action. It’s time for you to put digital first by creating a digital strategy that will transform your business.

Not sure what your digital strategy would look like? Or maybe you don’t have the time or bandwidth? Reach out to a Pyxl digital expert! We create custom, digital strategies tailored to your business goals and we’d love to talk to you. 

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

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