Is Your Brand Message Getting Across?

Jan 30, 2020 | 2  min
author Pyxl Communications

According to Forbes, 64 percent of consumers say that shared values help them create a trusted relationship with a brand. When considering your overall brand messaging, this underscores the importance of accurately communicating both your organization’s personality and position. This is the thing that will set you apart from competitors, drive sales, and round out your brand.

In short, a brand message shapes what you communicate to your target audience through products, experiences, verbal and non-verbal communication. It’s a holistic view of your brand that tells your customers what you do and how you differ from others. Brand messages can take many forms—tagline, slogan, headlines, your pitch. But, at its core, brand messaging is two things, personality and position. 

The Personality: 

When crafting your brand message, your organization’s personality is foundational. As discussed in our earlier blog, brand personality commonly follows one of five directions: excitement, sincerity, ruggedness, competence and sophistication. Embrace whichever brand personality you fall into and use that as a means to further express your brand message.

The Position:

When looking at your brand, your position is the overarching umbrella for which all your messages fall under. Incorporate your unique position into your messaging strategy to ensure that everything you’re communicating is resonating well with your target audience and stays consistent across mediums.

The Core:

After you set the stage with your position and personality, you can focus on tying these elements together to craft your overall brand message. Every brand message should be built around a strong, strategic core truth–a tried and true statement that tells customers the who, what and why of your brand. A strong core will allow you to draw inspiration consistent with your brand when crafting other messaging strategies.

Crafting The Message:

Because you likely manage your audience across platforms, your messaging will begin to look different across mediums. Knowing this, it’s important to ensure that each message is expertly crafted to match who you’re reaching, and where you’re reaching them. Here are a few questions to consider when crafting, testing and executing a message strategy.

Is your message clear and concise?

A message should be clear so that customers understand exactly who you are, what you are selling and why you are doing so. With thousands of brands to sort through, your message should be concise enough for potential customers to process fast and easy.

Does your message stand out from competitors?

Making sure that your message is unique enough to rise above the noise is a sure-fire way to ensure you resonate with customers long after they experience your brand. 

Is your message relevant to your audience?

A message that is crafted to match an audience will show much more success than the one that seems arbitrary. Consider your buyer personas and craft your messages around their motivations.

Does your message reflect your core?

Centering your message around a core message will ensure consistency across platforms and audiences.

Is your message realistic and accurate?

Much like a brand promise, your brand message should be realistic and accurate. When communicating with potential customers, consider what your message is actually saying. Is it a realistic outcome of an interaction with your brand? If not, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

Does your message tell a story?

Brand messages should tell a compelling story about your brand. Consider pairing a brand message with an ad campaign, email workflow, picture or spokesperson.

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Updated: Nov 05, 2020

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