Nashville Digital Marketing: Top Brands & Their Digital Marketing

Aug 29, 2023 | 5  min
author Taylor Farace

In an era where 5.07 billion people are on the internet, digital marketing is no longer optional – it’s vital. It’s not just about being online, but about standing out, understanding your consumers, and making data-based decisions.

So, the focus isn’t just on whether you’re using digital marketing, but rather on how effectively you’re utilizing it to keep your brand top-of-mind.

In this blog, we spotlight Nashville brands that have successfully used digital marketing to connect with their community and broaden their reach. The stories of Nashville digital marketing will provide insights on how your business can leverage digital strategies to flourish in Nashville’s competitive business landscape.

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The Importance of Digital Marketing 

As we cast the spotlight on these Nashville brands, one thing stands out: the strategic use of digital marketing and its role in their success.

But why is digital marketing so important? And how can it drive your business forward? 

Driving Growth With Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be a powerful engine for business growth. It opens up a wider market reach, allowing businesses to tap into new demographics and geographical areas previously unreachable with traditional marketing methods. Personalized and targeted marketing leads to higher conversion rates. By understanding your audience’s behaviors and preferences, you can tailor your messaging, offer relevant solutions, and improve your sales performance.

Building Brand Loyalty through Digital Marketing

One of the most significant advantages of digital marketing is the ability to foster and deepen relationships with customers. Social media platforms, email marketing, and content marketing offer opportunities to engage with your audience consistently. These interactions not only increase brand visibility, but help to create a community around your brand. By offering valuable content and personalized experiences, you can turn customers into brand advocates, increasing brand loyalty and customer lifetime value.

Maintaining a Competitive Edge With Digital Marketing

Maintaining an edge is essential for survival in today’s hyper-competitive business landscape. Digital marketing provides a wealth of data to help businesses understand market trends, consumer behaviors, and competitors’ activities. This information can inform strategic decisions, helping businesses to innovate, stay relevant, and remain competitive. Furthermore, digital marketing’s cost-effectiveness, compared to traditional marketing, provides smaller businesses with the opportunity to compete with more prominent players, thus leveling the playing field.

How Nashville Brands Approach Digital Marketing 

Let’s shift our focus to Nashville digital marketing and discover the brands that have turned these strategies into a successful reality by partnering with Pyxl, a top Nashville digital agency.


RazorSync, a top-rated field service software, leveraged digital marketing strategies through their collaboration with Pyxl to enhance their marketing efforts and significantly bolster their digital presence.

Digital Marketing Strategies:

  • Developing a cohesive brand design that unified RazorSync’s website, email templates, and marketing content
  • Conducting a deep dive into RazorSync’s past marketing strategies and performance to fine-tune their positioning and direction
  • Redesigning their website to improve user experience (UX) and user interface (UI)
  • Implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy, including successful paid media campaigns, SEO-optimized content, and automated email workflows

The Results:

  • 35% MoM increase in Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), surpassing their monthly SQL benchmark by 24%
  • QoQ growth in SQLs from 362 to 574, indicating a 59% growth rate
  • 51% YoY increase in blog traffic due to implementation of an SEO-optimized content strategy
  • 20% YoY increase in email open rates and a 286% YoY boost in click rates as a result of automated, segmented email workflows and campaigns.

This case study encapsulates how a well-implemented digital marketing strategy can significantly contribute to a business’s success. 

Read the RazorSync case study.


Proudly, an inclusive online marketplace, worked with Pyxl to build a vibrant, user-friendly eCommerce platform for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. 

Digital marketing strategies:

  • Extensive workshops with Proudly helped Pyxl understand the company’s unique mission and value propositions. The insights gained informed the creation of a brand personality centered around belonging and lived experiences.
  • Pyxl crafted a headless marketplace framework that offered Proudly the flexibility to create an engaging and unique user experience. The UI components fostered community interaction, promoted vendors on a personal level, and ensured a seamless shopping experience.
  • Pyxl developed website copy in line with Proudly’s mission, using inclusive and casual language to reflect the brand’s lively and colorful nature.

The results:

  • A unique eCommerce approach tailored to Proudly’s audience
  • A comprehensive design system for future features
  • Well-documented Figma files for easy future web development

This collaboration showcases the power of digital marketing in creating a brand personality that resonates and fosters an inclusive, engaging user experience.

Read the Proudly case study 

Celero Commerce 

Facing the unique challenge of multiple mergers and acquisitions, Celero Commerce needed to streamline its diverse business units. With the strategic guidance of Pyxl, they successfully integrated their full business operations using the comprehensive HubSpot platform.

Digital Marketing Strategies:

  • Conducting in-depth technical discovery and system audits to build a scalable tech stack
  • Mapping system integrations and data fields with HubSpot, effectively detangling years of data to create an optimized RevOps architecture
  • Transitioning Celero entirely from Salesforce to HubSpot, which included elements such as data segmentation, user/domain setup, sales dashboards, automated workflows, and sequences, among others

The Results:

  • Successful consolidation of Celero’s diverse business units into a unified and scalable MarTech infrastructure
  • Successful migration to HubSpot, establishing it as the central core for all RevOps – Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and multiple CMS websites
  • Ongoing management and training to support Celero’s growing enterprise at scale

This consolidation showcases how an expertly deployed digital marketing strategy can unify operations and support long-term growth, even in a complex business landscape.

Read the Celero case study

Key Takeaway 

Digital marketing is not merely a supplement to traditional marketing efforts, but a complementary vital, dynamic, and cost-effective strategy that enables businesses to reach wider audiences, foster deeper relationships, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape, as demonstrated by these Nashville brands. 

However, partnering with a qualified digital marketing agency, like Pyxl, is essential to unlock your potential and ensure your investments yield high returns. By leveraging an agency’s expertise, you can navigate the complexities of the digital world, deploy tailored strategies, and achieve measurable results, all while saving time and maximizing resources. The road to digital marketing success is a shared journey, and with the right partner, the possibilities are endless. Contact us to get started!

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

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