5 Must-Know Tips for Content Marketing and Your CMS

Jul 01, 2021 | 3  min
author Bonnie Horner

The ability to quickly create, market and drive leads to your content is the basis for successfully implementing an effective Content Marketing strategy. Integrating your content creators into a well-developed content management system (CMS) is the keystone of getting content created, scheduled, and ready to post. Here are five tips that will help your organization when planning for the rollout of a new CMS:

1. Ease of Use

If the CMS isn’t easy to use, your content marketers won’t get maximum productivity when creating new content. Therefore, choosing a user-friendly CMS is essential to avoid confusion for your visitors. In addition, selecting a CMS that offers all of the features you need will enable your content marketers to do their job more efficiently. Some of the minimum essential requirements we usually look for in a CMS are:

  • Ability to create drafts – This gives content marketers the ability to keep all of their work in one central location and allows anyone else on the team to jump in and help review that content.  Drafts also will enable you to view the content in a live view without actually having to publish it.
  • Ability to schedule publishing – By creating a workflow to organize your content ahead of time, you are free to create and publish your content with no worries.
  • Multiple levels of user permissions – Apart from separating duties, a CMS that allows for this separation of duties will make managing permissions easier. Having such roles as contributors, authors, and editors are the CMS roles we tend to use the most.

Why You Should Choose WordPress for Your CMS?

cms easy use

2. Flexibility

Selecting and developing a flexible CMS ensures that it can scale to a higher number of users and higher scope of the content. Furthermore, assuring that the CMS can be easily extended or tweaked without requiring developers’ assistance in the future will save on development costs since users can add new modules, extensions, and plugins easily. In addition, adding new features will guarantee that you won’t outgrow your CMS and can continue to benefit from the original investment made.

3. Organization

CMS-based content management systems allow content marketers and approvers to contribute without hunting for what they need quickly. Instead, we suggest organizing content into appropriate post types and organizing images into easily readable and logical folders in their naming convention. Thus, content marketers can easier find and edit content they need without sorting through a jumbled mess.

cms organization

4. Documentation and Training

Having appropriate documentation and training will allow your content marketers to be experts in utilizing the CMS without developer assistance. The documentation will also help onboard new hires and provide refreshers for marketers that haven’t been in the CMS recently. In addition, Pyxl provides CMS or application documentation training for applications to offer concise instructions and walkthroughs on the different parts of your site.

5. Support

Though you may provide excellent training and documentation, new issues can arise. When the time comes that you need help solving a problem, implementing a new feature, or need a refresher on the CMS, you’ll need access to good development support. There are many ways this support can function:

  • Warranty period – Support like this usually comes in the form of a time after launch where the developers will help with questions, fix bugs, and generally help with anything in the project’s scope.
  • Retainer support – We offer subscription support, which can be arranged in various ways – monthly, annually, or some combination of the two. By buying this support package in advance, you can purchase support hours for any services you want. You can benefit from this support by knowing you are guaranteed those hours and don’t have to go into the developer’s work queue.
  • One-off support – This support is a single scope of work to fix a particular problem. The benefit of this support is that you are paying for precisely what you need when you need it, instead of just having hours available. The downside is that you will usually have to wait until the next opening in the development schedule.

As you can see, having a suitable CMS can ensure your Content Marketing Strategy is successful. Making an easy workflow for your content marketers to produce content, push it through the CMS, and publish should be the critical functional progression you should look for when planning a CMS.

Keep your CMS organized so that marketers can find what they are looking for and make sure it is flexible for future scalability. Ensure your development partner provides documentation, training, and support to have help when you need it.

Next Steps with Pyxl

At Pyxl, we can help you create a content marketing strategy that works smoothly and has a broad reach—interested in learning more about what we do and how we help our clients achieve results? We would love to hear from you — give us a shout today!

Updated: Mar 01, 2023

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