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Proudly is an online marketplace that is dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive shopping experience for buyers and vendors from the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. The Proudly team partnered with Pyxl to design a bespoke and user-friendly eCommerce structure via UX and UI design. Pyxl created the framework for a headless marketplace implementation giving Proudly the freedom and flexibility to create a truly unique, vibrant, and eye-catching user experience.
  • New approach to eCommerce
  • Customized content strategy aimed at 4 unique user groups (buyers, service providers, product vendors, and nonprofits)
  • Optimized vendor/selling onboarding experience
  • Engaging/captivating visual interactions
  • A thorough design system for future features
  • Design workshops
  • Information Architecture and Content Hierarchy Visual brand refinement and style tiles
  • UX/UI design
  • Website copywriting
  • UI prototypes and animations
  • UX copywriting
  • Close coordination with development partner
  • Well documented Figma files for ease of development hand-off
The process began with in-depth workshops with the client to truly understand their value propositions as a marketplace where vendors can feel proud about their business and buyers can enjoy a fun and energizing shopping experience. Pyxl then helped Proudly develop a brand personality that focuses on a sense of belonging and lived experiences, which inspired the website’s visuals and user journey.
Proudly website
UX/UI and Design
At the heart of the Proudly brand is a commitment to inclusivity and diversity. The Pyxl team helped develop UI components of the website platform and marketplace that focuses on fostering both online and community interactions between vendors and buyers. By including a designated vendor story section, the elements were designed to promote not only the products but also highlight the vendor on a more personal level. The website wireframes and sitemap were designed with easy navigation to ensure a seamless shopping experience while staying true to Proudly’s brand personality. Custom website design elements using rainbow themes were incorporated throughout, providing a vibrant and captivating way for users to discover unique products and services. Every component of the website framework was developed in Figma to ensure future web development of the website is smooth and easy.
Proudly UX/UI Design
The website copy for Proudly was written in line with the company’s mission of ensuring an inclusive and safe shopping environment. Through the use of inclusive language, the tone of voice was intended to be encouraging and casual, representing the lively and colorful nature of the website and brand.
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