How to Create a Unified Digital Marketing Brand in 5 Steps

Feb 17, 2022 | 3  min
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Marketing concepts such as branding are often difficult to grasp. Let’s begin by understanding what branding is. Branding represents the value (perceived or otherwise) of your product or service. A brand is the way people feel about your products and services when they think of your business. It is largely your branding that determines whether a customer will stay loyal to your organization in the future after your marketing efforts are over.

Consider some of the world’s most famous companies. Whether it’s Apple, Facebook, or Toyota, all of these companies are exceptional at establishing their brand. The mention of one of those companies immediately evokes a reaction for that company. That’s effective branding – even if the reaction isn’t necessarily a positive one. Your role in telling your brand’s story is crucial to ensuring people don’t remember a bad reaction.

Branding is a critical component of your marketing strategy. Whether your organization is in the process of creating a new brand, in the middle of acquiring another brand, or simply making sure your message is consistent across all platforms – including your website, social platforms and mobile experience. it’s crucial that you make sure you have a unified brand presentation.

Here are five surefire ways to make sure your brand is as polished as it needs to be:

1. Consistency is Key

No matter where a customer interacts with your organization, whether it’s on your website, various social media accounts or through an email nurture campaign, they should have the same experience. That experience is created in a variety of ways, from messaging and tone to design and presentation.

By establishing a brand playbook, you create a set of guidelines that will help ensure your brand remains consistent in everything from the way you talk about your company to the colors you use in social graphics.

2. Leverage Content

You can create value for your brand by not only providing users with a product or service but also with information to make their lives easier. By leveraging an inbound content marketing strategy, you’re not only organically bringing users into your organization’s fold, you’re also providing value to your customers and building brand loyalty.

Consider adding a blog to your website where you write about topics relevant to your company’s industry. Look to your sales team for inspiration (ask them about common questions they’re asked) or think about common challenges your customers face. Then, use the blog to answer those questions.

3. The ‘Digital First’ Mindset

As smartphones and other connected devices continue to permeate everyday life, organizations must have a top notch digital experience across all platforms. Whether your organization is B2B or a B2C, consumers turn to the internet first to research new products and services. If they can’t find you when they begin their search, you’re at a disadvantage.

Make sure your website is responsive so you can provide a solid digital experience to customers who visit you on both desktop and mobile devices. As more consumers access information on the go, it’s becoming increasingly important to deliver a mobile experience that’s as good as, if not better than, your desktop platform. Images should scale to the screen size and blocks of text should shorten. Also, create forms with large touch-target areas for ease of use.

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4. Repurpose Content:

Your message can reach more people and be reinforced with content reuse while requiring relatively little effort on your part. Content can be easily refreshed and found useful by a wider audience when it is presented in a new design or layout. Repurposing content can improve your cost efficiency and have the added benefit of reinforcing your messaging.

5. Be Personal

You’re not buying a static billboard on the side of the interstate that’s visible to thousands of travelers each day, but can only deliver one message. Thanks to the digital marketing tools at your disposal, you’re able to customize your digital marketing to specific personas. Take advantage of the powerful tools available to you.

Consider using dynamic content on your website. Dynamic content serves different content to different visitors based on their location or other previously captured information in your marketing automation tool. Personalize email copy based on users’ interests, industry or specific needs. By targeting messaging to specific personas, you create a highly personal experience and continue to build brand equity.

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Your brand is your organization’s most valuable asset. Make sure you’re presenting it to the world in the most effective way possible. Leverage every tool you have to showcase your brand and let customers know how unique your brand is and how it can add value to their lives.

Need a hand? At Pyxl, we’re experts at developing consistent brand messaging and images, which are key components to any organization. Give us a shout to learn how we can help!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

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