Top 3 Benefits of Blogging

May 24, 2019 | 2  min
author Allegra Korver

It’s 2019. Unless you’re under a rock, blogging is something we’ve all been exposed to. Whether it’s your sister’s successful WordPress blog about her college experience, or the funny side of blogging brought to you by the (mostly) fake news source, The Onion, or a well-run company blog whose main purpose is to inform you about what the company is up to, blogging is literally everywhere.

So while we all understand and see blogs on a regular basis, a common question Pyxl still gets is: Why should my company blog? We’re going to unpack some reasons for you, updated for 2019—so you can run a successful blog to gain exposure, inform your customers and ultimately sell more products/services.

1. Blogs drive traffic to your site.


When you build your website, you can have anywhere from three to hundreds and thousands of pages on your site. Google will then crawl your site’s pages and index the content to judge whether or not your site contains relevant content. If you’re continually refreshing and adding new content to your site, Google’s crawling minions give your site bonus points because they view often-updated sites as more relevant than sites that are updated less frequently. Instead of constantly creating new pages on your site, you can achieve this same benefit by blogging. Each new blog post creates a new page that Google will index for your site, thus making your website more attractive to search engines.


Create a schedule for your blog so that you can consistently create content. A resource we frequently use is HubSpot. They recommend that you post a new blog or refresh old content 2-5 times each week for optimal Google indexing.

2. Blog for thought leadership


Nowadays just about every company or personal brand has a website, so it isn’t enough to get discovered by JUST having a well written website. You now need to be leaders in your industry in order to stand out and attract target audiences. Blogging can be a useful resource for users who are searching the web and learning about a specific industry.


Stay up to date with any and all changes that happen in your industry. Gather a list of potential questions that your target market will be searching and asking for and then think of ways that you can fill those gaps by giving them knowledge you know about your specific industry. Incorporate those topics into your blog editorial calendar and you’ll be leading the pack in no time.

3. Blog to add a personal touch (this is a literal selling point).


Today’s consumers are blind to poor ads and impersonal communication strategies. Whether that be in email, Youtube video content, Google ads or blogs, nobody likes reading a story that was clearly written by a robot (sorry AI). Consumers want a strong voice that carries character and the brand on its sleeve. They want to buy a product because they love the company.


By using your core brand values, and creating a voice for blogging in brand guides and strategies, you can change how consumers view your products and company. A few companies that do a great job of telling a story and consistently using their brands voice are:

Not sure how to create the right blogging strategy for your company? We’re here to help.

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

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