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ProviderTrust Case Study
What & Why
ProviderTrust charged Pyxl to reimagine their brand platform and suite of products. In the competitive space of SaaS and data as a product, Pyxl worked with ProviderTrust to establish an updated Brand Architecture that unified their multi-product suite under a single platform, with new brand messaging, positioning and an updated website experience to follow.
  • Unified brand messaging guide
  • New website with a custom site map
  • Updated Branded House architecture
  • Customizable client portal dashboard UX and UI design
  • UI / UX Website Design & Development
  • Brand Positioning & Messaging
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Brand Architecture & Reconciliation
With well-established in-house marketing and product teams, buy-in from internal stakeholders was critical. To ensure our process remained collaborative and iterative, Pyxl hosted multiple workshops and stakeholder interviews throughout execution. Afterward, feedback was implemented into key deliverables as both teams met on a weekly basis to review updates regularly.
Website Design
As a leading healthcare data and technology company, ProviderTrust deploys multiple branded programs that monitor millions of data records across populations daily. Alongside their [data team], Pyxl was tasked with creating an updated Brand Architecture that unified these brands under a single Branded House to become a single platform.
ProviderTrust Desktop and Mobile Website 3
Product Design
The Pyxl team worked hand-in-hand with the project team at ProviderTrust to understand the data inputs available, the client needs, and the internal goals for their bespoke client portal product. We then architeched a beautifully designed, customizable dashboard to help clients quickly understand their data and provider verification records in a way that makes sense for each of their unique business use cases.
Amalgamating multiple brands for an established company is no easy task. To do this, Pyxl had to unify messaging across business segments without causing conflicting themes with the brand’s existing storytelling strategy. Through close collaboration and a highly iterative process, Pyxl was able to create new, unified brand messaging and positioning guidelines for internal and external stakeholders.
ProviderTrust Brand Framework

We’re incredibly grateful for the partnership with Pyxl. You all were exactly what we needed as partners to build something great to propel us into our next chapter of growth. We’ve felt the love in every single interaction, workshop, and checkpoint, and to say we’re thrilled to have you as partners would be a tremendous understatement.

David S.
VP of Marketing & Strategy
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