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Akima and Pyxl embarked on a brand exploration to strengthen, increase recognition, and consolidate brand equity under a unified Akima. Since then, we have reintroduced a modern and thoughtfully engineered brand that embraces and unifies the diverse portfolio and family that is Akima.
  • Unified 30+ Operating Companies
  • New Modernized Logo
  • Evolved Brand Design System
  • New Unified Website
  • Logo Creation
  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Website Redesign
The digital strategy process started with gaining a firm understanding of the Akima brand and background through the eyes of stakeholders, subsidiary companies, and parent companies. With this understanding, Pyxl combined the heritage and capabilities of Akima into one cohesive brand.
Pyxl’s team remained well-aligned with the Akima team throughout the entire redesign process. All elements, including logo, imagery, color palettes, brand guide, video, etc. were determined to create a unified brand that provided a bold statement and brand recognition. The Pyxl team also designed marketing templates such as fact sheets, case studies, and brochures for brand continuity.
Using WordPress, Pyxl built a customized and fully-functioning website for Akima. Pyxl worked with the Akima team to develop an SEO optimized website that showcased their evolving brand through its diverse portfolio and heritage. The new Akima website is a proud capstone of this transformative journey. It exemplifies unity, embraces its Alaskan heritage, and symbolizes the forward momentum that Akima provides its customers and shareholders.
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