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Elevo Learning, a company that offers education programs focused on social and emotional learning (SEL) to K-8 schools around California, partnered with Pyxl to create a digital onboarding tool and automated/integrated data model to help them connect with schools in a professional and scalable way, while also creating a technical foundation for automated data collection. As a result of Pyxl’s development of the tool and data models, accurate data structure and operational efficiencies have been achieved, allowing Elevo to build a relationship with schools that is more positive and impactful in the long run.
  • A professional, consistent and scalable onboarding process for all new schools and principals.
  • An internal tool to manage all contracted program schedules between Elevo and the schools they service.
  • Automated data collection through custom API integrations.
  • A visual dashboard highlighting key operational metrics.
  • Achieved automated visibility into the organization’s operational performance.
  • Significantly improved first impression with new schools and principals.
  • Improved data collection and data accuracy.
  • Reduced time onboarding schools and collecting data.
  • Enhanced efficiency across the organization.
  • Tool conception/workshops.
  • Tool UX & UI design.
  • Tool development.
  • Backend data model creation.
  • API integration with HubSpot, Humanity, and Tableau.
  • Developed Tableau reports and analytics.
Initially, there was no standardized system built into the Elevo sales team for making contact with schools. Each sales team member would create multiple documents to collect school information, meaning all data was stored across multiple channels and tracked manually. Not only was this time-consuming and costly, but this method of tracking and storing data resulted in low visibility across teams and mismanaged and unused data. In workshops with the client, Pyxl identified Elevo’s current challenges and needs and conceptualized the idea for a branded digital onboarding tool to improve efficiencies and automate data collection and usage.
Elevo Discovery
The design process included market research, product workshops, user flows, user stories, wireframes, and user interface (UI) design. Utilizing Miro, an online collaboration tool, to conduct the user experience (UX) foundation of the product, and Figma, a collaborative design tool, to ideate and deliver on final UI designs and clickable prototypes, there was complete alignment between Elevo and Pyxl on the required functionality of the onboarding tool and how the designs delivered those features. As a result, Pyxl was able to create a professional branded tool to help improve Elevo’s first impressions with principals and also create a better user experience for school meetings.
Elevo Onboarding Tool
Pyxl developed the online onboarding tool based on the designs, in addition to building the data models and integrations between HubSpot, Humanity, and Tableau to connect the data collected from the tool. HubSpot CRM platform was established for Elevo as a ​​central repository. The Humanity platform was set up as an internal operations software used for tracking data and time. Tableau data models were developed to help with the data visualization, showing the deals finalized and schools associated with Elevo. The synergy of these three platforms created a more accurate flow of data across departments and a streamlined onboarding system for Elevo’s sales team.
Elevo build
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