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Access Ventures partnered with Pyxl for two strategic initiatives. The first was to design and build a website that combined their extensive background in the investment landscape, while also applying their deep commitment to addressing the challenges in our economy and community. The second initiative was to evolve their brand and messaging to expand their impact, while respecting their local history.
  • 61% Increase in organic traffic
  • 46% Increase in users
  • 46% Increase in new users
  • UI / UX Website Design & Development
  • Digital & Social Marketing Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Custom Illustration & Animation
  • Visual Branding
  • Brand Positioning
  • Marketing Strategy
Access Ventures had a complex mission that needed to be simplified and easily digestible for prospective customers. To do this, Pyxl crafted the website to reflect their organizational objectives, along with what makes them different. This included improving the site’s SEO to increase organic traffic, simplifying their positioning, and balancing their website with text and visuals.
In order to evolve the Access Ventures brand, Pyxl had to visually capture the brand through digital design. One of the first things Pyxl did was change their logo by adding weight to make it more versatile and impactful. Secondly, Pyxl changed the color scheme to black and gold to reflect their professional and passionate company personality.
Access Ventures One-Pocket Whitepaper
Pyxl reimagined the information and URL structure, along with adding animation and movement. By having both a structured website and playful animated videos and visuals, Access Ventures’ values of professionalism and creativity showed through.
Access Ventures website displayed on laptop and iPhone Access Ventures mobile responsive website displayed on 7 iPhones
To evolve their brand, Pyxl worked closely with Access Ventures to develop key messaging and persona classifications. Then, Pyxl crafted a comprehensive marketing plan for blogs, social media, and email marketing. Besides just digital, Pyxl also revamped their print design, including new business cards design, signage, and presentation templates.
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