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Fillauer, a global provider of prosthetics, partnered with Pyxl to redesign their web presence in a way that reflected its mission to foster improved functional outcomes of patients, along with its long-time experience and dedication to doing so. Pyxl built a responsive, engaging, and accessible website to bring Fillauer’s thousands of products to life, while also enhancing their brand image.
  • Cutting edge website that connects them with their patients and clinicians
  • Product library for thousands of products
  • Unified brand image
  • Website Design and Development
  • Product Directory
  • Content Creation
Originally, Fillauer had thousands of products scattered across brochures and five different websites, causing confusion and stress for customers. Pyxl made a unified product directory by placing all of their products on one platform, while also creating content for the website. The ultimate mission was to reflect who Fillauer was as a brand, and the products they offer through a cohesive, accessible, and eye catching website.
The design process included determining user personas, user flows, wireframes, site maps, mood boards, and more. All of these facets seamlessly joined together to form an eye-catching and accessible website. Using WordPress and Pyxl’s proven UX methodology, Fillauer’s design and website were successfully improved.
Fillauer mobile responsive website displayed in 7 iPhones
Ultimately, Pyxl created a cohesive and seamless website that granted their customers greater ease of access to Fillauer’s products. The new website successfully conveys Fillauer’s life-changing products, along with their passion, energy, and empathy behind the brand.
Fillauer website displayed on laptop and iPhone

“It was a pleasure to partner with Pyxl to relaunch our website. Pyxl worked with us every step of the way as we redesigned our website and figured out how to present thousands of prosthetics and parts we manufacture and distribute. We couldn’t be happier with the result”

Traci Dralle
President, Fillauer, Inc.
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