Scale Your Multiple Branded Business With One CRM Using HubSpot ‘Business Units’

Apr 28, 2022 | 4  min
author Pramita Pramod

Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are used by most businesses to manage and maintain their contact databases, retain and acquire clients, and streamline business efforts. With an effective CRM, all aspects of inbound marketing, sales, and services can be centralized on one platform, including tracking, automation, and organization. HubSpot is one such CRM tool that offers a range of features and capabilities to help manage efforts and visibility across the entire marketing, sales, and service teams.

Around 10,000 CRM implementations occur every quarter, making it an absolute necessity for businesses to not only manage contacts but scale their business efforts. Businesses that want to scale and maximize their growth may offer a variety of products/services to their audience and often choose to own multiple brands to do so. But, what about businesses who already offer multiple brands, or are looking to grow their business entities in the future? Would that require more than one CRM implementation? 

The answer is no! The HubSpot Business Units feature allows for the creation of a single account from which all your brands can be managed, therefore eliminating the need for multiple platforms and accounts when scaling. Every brand can manage its own campaign with its own contact interactions and communication preferences using Business Units. Businesses can thereby analyze each brand’s performance independently, while still maintaining visibility throughout the whole business.

Why use Business Units?

As previously discussed, HubSpot Business Units give businesses a way to streamline their CRM system by configuring and controlling the identities of multiple brands within one platform. Think of Yum! Brands; it’s one business, but with multiple brands (Taco Bell, KFC, etc.) that have different logos, branding, contacts, and campaigns. The creation of business units allows you to customize and manage marketing and communications efforts on a brand-by-brand basis for each brand. Thus, better management is achieved, and mismanagement of marketing is minimized. 

Benefits of using HubSpot Business Units:

Simplify campaign management: 

Think of managing multiple campaigns for different brands within a single CRM instance without any delineation of what campaigns and reporting belong under what brand. That would be a very complex and time-consuming process. HubSpot Business Units, by providing additional domain availability, allows you to effectively manage multiple campaigns with individualized management and tracking that separates assets, conversions, and reports on a brand-by-brand basis.

Ease of managing communication: 

By using Business Units, you can easily plan, manage, and communicate across multiple brands without having to switch back and forth between different platforms. Your business can set up different email preferences for different brand units. Not only can this save your business money, but it provides larger visibility of your business and a more streamlined way to bounce between brands. Furthermore, you can view and manage subscription preferences of your brands by Business Unit, ensuring your communications are targeted and your customer experience is top-notch.

Aid in maintaining consistent brand identity: 

Brand kits enable you to organize assets like logos and brand colors by business unit, making it easier to maintain a consistent brand identity across all campaigns.

For organizing marketing assets: 

By categorizing and filtering web pages, landing pages, emails, forms, and blogs for each brand, you always have the right asset at hand, making asset organization a much easier process. 

When to use Business Units?

  1. Your business needs to host content on multiple domains
  2. There is a requirement to send personalized emails to each domain
  3. Your prospects and customers overlap across brands
  4. The contact across all of your brands can be cross-sold or up-sold
  5. Units are owned and operated under the same ownership, and product/services and campaign assets are shared
  6. Team members are the same for multiple brands
  7. A comparative analysis of campaign performance across brands is conducted on a regular basis
  8. Your business operates in multiple international markets 
  9. You want to scale a number of brands under the umbrella of your company

Business Units vs Domains

Business Domain is the address of your website. In HubSpot, each business is associated with a business domain. Alternatively, the Business Unit provides businesses access to multiple brands via a shared HubSpot portal (parent account).

When to use Business Units and Business Domains?

If your company has multiple brands under one parent organization and you would like to manage them independently with separate authorizations for each brand, allowing your business to easily manage and scale your unique brands from one CRM you should opt for Business Units.

You may use HubSpot Domain to host one single website, or if you have more than one website hosted on HubSpot and do not mind having all your marketing communication from one source. With domains for multiple brands, you lose out on ease of management and scalability.

How Pyxl can help with HubSpot Business Units

While HubSpot’s Business Units make it easier to optimize and synchronize inbound marketing, sales, and service efforts, getting started with CRM, combining CRMs, or switching to a new CRM like HubSpot can be a bit daunting. Pyxl can help you with that! As a HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner, we offer HubSpot onboarding, platform implementation, and HubSpot management services — basically, everything you need to ensure your business is set up for success with HubSpot today and have the support you need when you’re ready to scale.

Ready to partner with Pyxl for your HubSpot setup? Contact us today to get started! In addition to our HubSpot partner services, check out all the digital services and solutions we offer to learn more about how Pyxl can help you accelerate your marketing efforts, making us a full-service digital partner that will assist you to achieve your goals today and in the future.

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Updated: Sep 06, 2022

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