Pyxl’s Favorite Rebrands in 2020

Sep 25, 2020 | 3  min
author Bonnie Horner

If you haven’t heard, our Pyxl team recently refreshed and rebranded our website! With our latest evolution, we’ve simultaneously been partnering with our clients to produce their own company rebrands as well! Ensuring that our team is providing our clients with the best possible experience and outcomes is our main priority; and with that, we’re really excited to share some of our most favorite client rebrands this year! We hope you’ll enjoy the work we’ve created within our partnerships too.

Our Favorite Pyxl Rebrands in 2020

Luxedo Rebrand

Our first, and one of our favorite client rebrands would have to be Luxedo! Luxedo is the industry’s first all-in-one projection mapping system designed for users of every technical background. When working with Luxedo on their rebrand, due to its unique positioning and product, Pyxl had to start from square one with everything. This included designing a logo and website, crafting a mission statement, and creating a holistic marketing strategy. Day one, Luxedo only had a 3D printed version of their product – no social media, website, brand, or mission statement. With that in mind, Pyxl had to help Luxedo bring their product to life. We did so by creating an eCommerce website, an effective marketing strategy, and a successful branding strategy. 

Luxedo’s rebrand included a custom website integration with Shopify, an effective eCommerce environment, in-depth audience insights, and a multi-channel marketing engine. In order to convey what Luxedo is through visuals, Pyxl had to make a logo from scratch. Their logo now reflects who they are and what their product is – “simple,” “reliable,” and “easy to use”. This vocabulary was the driving force that allowed Pyxl to turn a blank canvas into the colorful eCommerce site that it is today. Pyxl produced a cutting-edge website with a Shopify integration that made it a fully functioning eCommerce website. Their website now perfectly reflects who Luxedo is as a company: creative, imaginative, tech-driven, and visually experiential. 

Check out the Luxedo Case Study for a full picture of the services and results we were able to deliver.


T5 Data Centers Rebrand

T5 Data Centers provides customized data center solutions across the lifecycle of the core data center for enterprise and hysercale customers. The T5 team partnered with Pyxl for a comprehensive marketing and rebranding analysis, strategy, implementation, and website build. To guide the rebrand and site build process, new marketing personas were created. 

A full rebrand for T5 took a comprehensive look at all company elements including logo, imagery, colors, video to create an updated and cohesive brand image for their team. Throughout the exciting rebranding process, Pyxl worked with T5 to develop an SEO optimized website in WordPress that showcased T5’s evolving brand and extensive services and sites. In partnering with T5 on their comprehensive rebrand and marketing strategy, Pyxl was able to increase their Facebook followers by 3,724 and saw a 760 growth in LinkedIn followers. 

T5 Desktop and Mobile

Fillauer Rebrand

Fillauer, a global provider of prosthetics, partnered with Pyxl to redesign their web presence in a way that reflected its mission to foster improved functional outcomes of patients, along with its long-time experience and dedication to doing so. Pyxl built a responsive, engaging, and accessible website to bring Fillauer’s thousands of products to life, while also enhancing their brand image. Originally, Fillauer had thousands of products scattered across brochures and five different websites, causing confusion and stress for customers. Pyxl made a unified product directory by placing all of their products on one platform, while also creating content for the website. 

The ultimate mission here was to reflect who Fillauer was as a brand, and the products they offer through a cohesive, accessible, and eye-catching website. The design process included determining user personas, user flows, wireframes, site maps, mood boards, and more. All of these facets seamlessly joined together to form an eye-catching and accessible website. Using WordPress and Pyxl’s proven UX methodology, Fillauer’s design and website were successfully improved. Ultimately, the new website successfully conveys Fillauer’s life-changing products, along with their passion, energy, and empathy behind the brand, easily making it one of our favorite rebrands yet!

Check out the Fillauer Case Study for a full picture of the services and results we were able to deliver.

Fillauer Desktop and Mobile

Pyxl Rebrand

Last but not least, one of our favorite rebranding projects would have to be our own! Here at Pyxl we recently launched our newly redesigned website. As a digital agency, we recognized it was time to give ourselves the updated look we were in need of! To learn more about how our website rebrand came to be, check out our latest video recording on Pyxl’s Website Redesign Process to get a behind-the-scenes look at how our new website came to be.

Pyxl Desktop and Mobile

Ready for a Rebrand?

Are you looking for ways to improve your digital strategy by redesigning or rebranding your company website? Pyxl can help! We’ll work with you to improve your digital presence via online strategy, brand messaging, UX/UI, and website visualization to help achieve your business goals. Or if you’re not sure where to start, check out our guide: 10 Signs You Need a Website Redesign or Key Factors to Consider During a Rebrand.

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

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