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What is CPC & the Current CPC Market Trends
Sep 23, 2021 | 5  min

Understanding and measuring the effectiveness of your ads is fundamental to paid media. Some of the data collected can be quite challenging to make sense ...   Read more

author Laura Reyes
Latest Trends and Insights
How to Leverage Instagram TV For Success
Sep 22, 2021 | 2  min

Let’s face the facts: there has been a dramatic shift towards video content on social platforms. Instagram is no exception. Since Instagram launched Stories in ...   Read more

author Pyxl Development
Why You Need an Ecommerce Platform and How to Choose the Right One
Sep 15, 2021 | 5  min

What is an eCommerce Platform? An eCommerce platform facilitates the management of a website, marketing, sales, and operations for any online business selling products or ...   Read more

author Laura Reyes
3 Steps to Increase Student Retention During COVID-19
Sep 14, 2021 | 3  min

One third of students change or leave their colleges before they earn their degree. Why? They might be homesick, the school is too expensive or ...   Read more

author Pyxl Development
What it Means to Switch From Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
Sep 03, 2021 | 5  min

Google Analytics (GA) is a web analytics service offered by Google that many businesses around the globe use to track and report website traffic performance. ...   Read more

author Laura Reyes
Understanding Which Social Platforms Will Drive the Most ROI for Your Business
Aug 18, 2021 | 10  min

Social media can be an effective way to reach your target audience easily. However, with every social media platform algorithm being different, it can be ...   Read more

author Laura Reyes
Increase Sales Efficiency and ROI with Sales Enablement Automation
Aug 09, 2021 | 3  min

Due to increased competition and heightened buyer power, sales operations and processes have become more complex. This complexity makes it more challenging to provide prospects ...   Read more

author Laura Reyes
Creating a Compelling Customer Experience Through Automation Testing
Aug 05, 2021 | 4  min

Whether it’s to make a purchase, self-educate, or self-discovery, users will always have an underlying motivation as to why they’re navigating to your site or ...   Read more

author Laura Reyes
Creating a Healthcare Digital Marketing Campaign
Jul 16, 2021 | 2  min

There’s an idea we encounter regularly in healthcare that ‘you need them, they don’t need you.’ While there will always be a need for healthcare ...   Read more

author Bella Utley
5 Must-Know Tips for Content Marketing and Your Content Management System
Jul 01, 2021 | 3  min

The ability to quickly create, market and drive leads to your content is the basis for successfully implementing an effective Content Marketing strategy. Integrating your ...   Read more

author Laura Reyes
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