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Pyxl’s Favorite Rebrands in 2020
Sep 25, 2020 | 3  min

If you haven’t heard, our Pyxl team recently refreshed and rebranded our website! With our latest evolution, we’ve simultaneously been partnering with our clients to ...   Read more

author Kalleigh Kaiser
Latest Trends and Insights
Social Media Rebranding in 10 Steps
Sep 17, 2020 | 6  min

The 21st century has been filled with rapidly evolving technology, including the popularization of social media and the growing importance of having a specific brand. ...   Read more

author Kati Fredericksen
New Pyxl Website: We’re Back and Better than Ever!
Sep 04, 2020 | 2  min

Here at Pyxl, we’ve expanded our team and our digital services over the last 18 months. In order to best serve you, we’ve updated our ...   Read more

author Kalleigh Kaiser
10 Signs You Need a Website Redesign
Sep 04, 2020 | 5  min

Millennials and Gen Zers have grown up with electronics and all things digital. Because the younger generations are so comfortable with technology, businesses have to ...   Read more

author Kati Fredericksen
Two Sides Of The Same Coin: Front-End And Back-End Development
Dec 03, 2019 | 2  min

Front-end and back-end development are the engines driving any website development process. To those of us who aren’t developers or software engineers, even basic terms ...   Read more

author Pyxl Communications
Responsive Web Design: The Hidden Hero
Nov 12, 2019 | 2  min

It’s 2019 and we are well into the digital age. What does that mean for organizations with an online presence? It means that consumers are ...   Read more

author Pyxl Communications
Pyxl Wins Gold and Silver at W³ Awards
Oct 11, 2019 | 2  min

NASHVILLE, Tenn: On October 1, 2019, W³ Awards announced that Pyxl Inc., won Gold in “Financial Services Websites” for its design and development of the ...   Read more

author Pyxl Communications
An Intro to User Personas and Flows
Oct 10, 2019 | 3  min

In this blog, we’re diving into how to create user personas and user flows, two foundational elements of the website strategy process. After all, it’s ...   Read more

author Pyxl Communications
Let’s Build a Website
Oct 10, 2019 | 2  min

Building a website is no small task. From the very first ideation to the final launch, there are a  lot of hours, prototypes and meetings ...   Read more

author Pyxl Communications
Why Website Audits Matter—And How to Do Them
Aug 27, 2019 | 3  min

If you’ve kept up with our previous blogs, we took a deep dive into the importance of user-experience and user-interface, and how linking them together ...   Read more

author Allegra Korver
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