What Website Automation Tools Are Perfect for Your Industry?

Jun 01, 2021 | 4  min
author Laura Reyes

What is Website Automation?

Website automation is the process of automating marketing activities throughout your website experience. Many marketing departments automate repetitive tasks, including collecting contact data, A/B testing, and workflow management. Automating components on your website to accomplish your goals, such as booking more demos, generating qualified leads, or increasing your newsletter subscription, will involve some investment in software. Still, it is an investment that can justify the returns you’ll gain once it is all set up. Automating your website can increase sales productivity by 14.5% and decrease marketing overhead by 12.2%.

With the continued growth of different industries, choosing the right automation strategies and tools for your website is essential as every industry is distinct in its goals and its audience’s needs. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of our top recommendations on automating different components on your website to streamline business processes and improve the website user experience. We’ll also recommend some automation tools to help your website be successful in your field.

Website Automation by Industry

Higher Education

In the world of higher education, your website is often your institution’s first impression with prospective students or parents. With there being so much competition with colleges and universities, your website must make a great first impression to interest them enough to do further research, or even better, visit your school.

SEO Automation is an excellent place to start when targeting a broad audience as 93% of all online experiences begin in search. Using a tool like MarketMuse will suggest how your facility can improve existing website content to rank better for specific keywords. The tool also provides keyword recommendations for paid media ads that will resonate most with your target audience. MarketMuse helps companies create content strategies by identifying the best keywords to use on a topic of their choice. By doing so, MarketMuse saves your team time by reducing time spent on SEO and competitive analysis. This tool allows you to better understand your audience, target the right demographic, and generate more high-converting traffic to your website.



When entering a provider’s office, you expect a great experience. This experience should be the same when visiting their website. When it comes to your healthcare website, you should focus on providing a personable experience as 80% of patients say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized healthcare experiences. Your potential patients are searching for a healthcare provider they can trust and connect with emotionally. The best way to create this kind of experience without taking too much time or resources from your staff is by automating items on your website that still provide a personable experience.

A great way to provide a great website experience in healthcare is to use online scheduling tools. The tools allow your visitors to book an in-person appointment or telehealth appointment on their own directly from your website. When utilizing an online scheduling feature on your website, make sure that the design is simple and straightforward. Include a clear call-to-action on your homepage and navigation page, and integrate the option to book an appointment directly through your chatbot.

Calendly, for instance, makes online scheduling a quick and straightforward process. The online scheduler allows you to sign up for appointments at a time and date of your choosing. In addition, business hours or holidays can be altered, as well as a refined schedule.



For an eCommerce business to prosper, various automation tools on your website are required. You can achieve a 451% increase in qualified leads by integrating marketing automation tools with eCommerce, such as image recognition. Image recognition is an automation strategy that can detect people, places, objects, logos, and more by analyzing pixels and patterns contained in images with over 99% accuracy—matching the ability of humans. 

Using image recognition apps, your online shoppers can simply upload an image of an item they are searching for and can quickly and easily be directed to your website to purchase. Not only does this provide a great experience for your users, but you’ll likely see an increase in conversions as more high intent shoppers enter your site.

A great image recognition tool is the Google Cloud Vision API. This tool focuses on everyday image recognition tasks, including object recognition and recognizing explicit content, making it a handy tool for generating more website traffic and converting more sales.

cloud api


Considering the high volume of users, this business model requires constant communication. Chatbots are functional 24/7 and work to connect customers during and after business hours. 64% of businesses believe that chatbots will allow them to provide a more customized support experience for their customers. They can act as initial contact for potential leads entering your website, provide support by answering questions or directing website users to the correct location, ask pre-qualifying questions, or even convert leads using automated scripting features. 

When it’s after hours, you can leave your chatbot on and provide users with an automated and personalized experience that resembles that of an actual human, even when no human representative is available. Users have a growing willingness to engage with chatbots in a variety of different ways; and the number of online purchases, meetings scheduled, and mailing list sign-ups have more than doubled from 2019 to 2020. Examples of chatbot tools to integrate on your website are Mobile Monkey, HubSpot Chat, or Drift

HubSpot Conversations is a live chat and chatbot feature you can integrate on your website and is part of the HubSpot Marketing, Sales, and CRM platform. You can quickly build personal bots that qualify leads, book meetings, provide automated customer support, and more. You can access HubSpot’s chatbot feature for free when you use HubSpot’s CRM platform.


Looking for some additional tools to boost your business growth? Download our Best Marketing Tools for Every Business for an inside look at the various marketing platforms we recommend at Pyxl.

Best Marketing Tools

Also, learn more tips on automation and how to implement an automated digital strategy with our Automation 101 blog.

Next Steps with Pyxl

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s important that you adapt your website automation strategy to suit your industry, and customize it to fit your company and target audience needs. Contact Pyxl today to see how we can help streamline your business with automation!

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