Using Google Optimize and Mindstamp for A/B Testing Interactive Videos

Apr 02, 2021 | 5  min
author Laura Reyes

A/B testing is crucial and cannot be underestimated. Using data to drive your marketing decisions can help your business grow and put you one step ahead of your competitors. However, A/B testing is not the easiest. It can be time-consuming if you’re not testing the right items, and can be challenging to make decisions based on the data provided. But when done right, you can improve the user experience and increase conversion rates by boosting efficiency and making data-driven decisions.

Below we’ll dive into how to run A/B tests using Google Optimize with one of today’s top digital marketing platforms, Mindstamp. Mindstamp is an interactive video platform that maximizes user engagement and helps marketing and sales team members dramatically increase their content’s impact and results.

 But first, let’s discuss the basics.

Google optimize and A/B testing

What is A/B testing? 

A/B testing involves a randomized experimentation process where two or more versions of the same variable are compared on different segments of the same website at the same time to evaluate which version has the most significant impact and which metric is the most valuable. Essentially, A/B testing provides the best possible experience for the customer based on their preferences. Also, you can use this collected information to identify a user’s behavior, feel for their pain points, and even understand how they think about new feature implementations and redesigns of pages.

What is Google Optimize? 

Google Optimize is an online split-testing tool from Google that plugs into your website and enables you to experiment with different ways of delivering your content. It facilitates three types of testing – A/B testing, multivariate testing, and redirect tests. One of the most popular use options is A/B testing, in which companies can test two different types of content side-by-side. 

Utilizing Optimize, you can analyze a set of different web pages and see how well they perform against an objective which you set. Optimize monitors the results of your experiment and tells you which variant is the leader.

By running experiments in Optimize, you can test new website designs, layouts, and content with a subset of your visitors. Instead of relying on instinct and opinion to determine the best page or site design, you can run an experiment that tests alternate formats with real-world users and reassure your experiments and leverage your Google Analytics goals as experiment objectives. 

You can sign up for the free version of Google Optimize here

Importance of A/B testing & Google Optimize

The uses of A/B testing and Google Optimize prove to be an essential step in curating enjoyable content for potential users and customers. Tests on landing pages and websites using A/B testing are geared toward optimizing copy, colors, buttons, etc., to achieve a given outcome. A/B testing is also only successful when one segment changes at a time. 

A/B tests with Google Optimize can help teams pinpoint which changes affected their visitors’ behavior and which ones did not. Eventually, they can combine the power of multiple winning changes from experiments to demonstrate how their product is better than competitors.

Connecting Google Optimize and Mindstamp

What is Mindstamp? 

Mindstamp interactive video lets you dramatically enhance your video content to drive actions with buttons and hotspots. The interactive features provide more information and context to viewers with images and multimedia and collect lead and prospect information with questions. 92% of marketers say interactive videos are an essential part of their marketing strategy. With the aid of Mindstamp, interactive videos are easy and quick to put together. It is also not necessary to know about video production. 

Here’s an example of how Mindstamp’s interactive video works:

Interactive content gains two times more engagement than static content. Hence, marketers should prioritize producing interactive videos to gain more user engagement. Interactive videos are highly engaging, draw customers, and add value to any company because they are dynamic, personal, and engaging. 43% of consumers prefer interactive video content over other video formats because it gives them the flexibility to choose what they want to see when they want to see it.

What can you A/B test with Mindstamp and Google Optimize?

With Mindstamp, you can achieve that same A/B testing outcome with your video content and incorporate it into your existing A/B testing platforms like Google Optimize or HubSpot.

The same way you use Google Optimize on your website, Mindstamp users can also use Google Optimize on their videos to show dynamic content. Among Mindstamp’s AI features are a customized algorithm that works with Google Optimize. Integrating Google Optimize into your Webflow project allows you to run A/B tests and other experiments to create a better video experience.

Simple A/B tests are robust and a leap forward in the impact of your video. With just a few clicks on Mindstamp, you can create alternatives (we call them variants) to a given interaction, make them conditional, and use simple URL parameters to determine which of those interactions show. With Mindstamp analytics and reporting, you can rapidly correlate a given outcome with the variant they experienced. Once that result is statistically valid, you can further refine the individual test, establish a new test, or drive all the traffic to the best-performing version of your interactive video.

With Mindstamp’s conditional logic, you can easily create individual variations for each of those interactions and present each variation as part of A/B testing. There are a variety of different ways companies can modify a video, such as changing the call-to-action text, changing the position or color of a button, modifying the infographic you present to reinforce a topic, or allowing self-driven navigation, for example.

Importance of A/B testing with Mindstamp

Mindstamp enables A/B testing of videos through Google Optimize, meaning you can test and tailor them to your audience’s interests. During testing, you will gain insights into your overall conversion rate and see how your content appeals to your customer. 60 percent of companies believe A/B testing is precious for conversion rate optimization. By including Google Optimize and MindStamp in your strategy, you will have a better chance of creating highly engaging content that will lead to more conversions.

Partner with Pyxl

Overall, the results of A/B tests lead to explosive growth in your video marketing content’s value. No longer are you locked into a ‘one and done’ video product as your videos can continuously improve to achieve your business’s end goals. 

If you are interested in upgrading your marketing strategy to include interactive videos, contact us! We have a team of content marketing and design professionals who create customized and engaging videos with targeted messages to help convert customers. 

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