Boost Viewer Engagement with Mindstamp’s Interactive Video Platform

Jan 21, 2021 | 5  min
author Bonnie Horner

The rise of interactive videos

Videos have continued to explode and become one of the top engaging pieces of content. 92.8% of people watch digital videos each week. From instructional videos to educational, to entertainment, we live in a digital world that finds comfort behind a screen. 

And with the pandemic causing a decline in in-person meetings, tradeshows, and events, more marketing and sales teams have been relying on videos to supplement that interaction with their contacts. According to HubSpot, 86% of companies use video as a marketing tool — up from 61% since 2016. This statistic shows that video is exponentially growing as a marketing tactic and most likely will not decline any time soon. 

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen an overwhelming increase in the number of online videos watched. 99% of current video marketers aid they’ll continue to use videos in 2021, and 69% of marketers who don’t currently use videos are expecting to start this year. That’s a lot of videos to compete with!

Our challenge for you this year is to take your videos one step further, and separate your brand from the rest by creating personalized, and engaging interactive videos. That’s right, interactive– meaning videos that allow viewers to click links, answer questions, and create a real dynamic experience beyond the typical “traditional video” we see every day. 

Get the most out of your videos with Mindstamp

Viewers retain 95% of a message when watching it in a video, compared to only 10% when reading it. Marketers strive for this level of engagement and are turning to interactive videos to get the most of their video content while they have their viewers almost fully engaged. 

With Mindstamp, an interactive video platform, taking your videos to the next level is easily achievable. Mindstamp allows you to create dynamic, personalized, and interactive video experiences in a quick and easy way. Mindstamp’s various interactive video features can help boost video engagement, drive action, and collect information in seconds.

Mindstamp Interactive Video Features

Mindstamp provides a wide range of video features that let you turn any marketing or sales video into something completely interactive, no matter if it’s one you upload or one from YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia, etc. Here are a few interactive video features you should incorporate into your video strategy and why.


Mindstamp allows businesses to add interactive questions to videos to solicit a response and to interact with their audiences online when they cannot be face-to-face. Not only can you use questions in your videos to qualify leads and gather more information on your viewers’ interest, but you can tailor their experience for the rest of the video based on their response, creating a truly dynamic and personalized experience. A variety of question types are available, including free response, multiple-choice, select response, etc. to help create an easy user experience for your viewers.


86% of businesses have seen improvements in their business efforts due to personalization strategies. And customized messages deliver six times higher transaction rates. Add that personalized touch throughout your video with this feature. Collect their name at the beginning of your video so you can address them throughout, or collect information from your viewer while they view the video and then present that information back to them later. Then later engage with your prospects by sending them targeted relevant messages based on the data you’ve gathered from them. 



Make the most of your content by using buttons within your videos to promote action and increase engagement with viewers. Mindstamp buttons offer various actions, including the ability to open a URL link, start a phone call, start an email, play a video or audio clip, move to a new time in the video, and open a new video.

Use buttons to nurture your leads through the sales funnel by providing additional resources and next steps throughout the video. These interactions allow the viewer to continue their experience with your brand, whether it be to view your website to learn more about your business, take a look at one of your other resources to learn more, or contact a sales member for further interest. 


Call attention and make any element in your video clickable with Mindstamp’s Hotspot feature. Use hotspots to label vital elements in your video to drive action to elements and phrases such as buy now, click-to-call, and more. The clickable area is a 3×3 grid that makes any text or CTA button into an interactive element.



Drawings help capture attention differently by adding a creative and fun element. This feature is especially helpful to explain a step or call attention to an item within your product demos or training videos. You can also offer the option to allow your viewers to draw directly on the video themselves, creating an interactive and engaging experience for your viewers. A few available drawing features are free drawing, circles, text labels, and arrow pointers.



Comments are a great way to add additional commentary and can sometimes be necessary when explaining some information in your video. These comments allow the footage to offer better context and perspective. Comments provide context to an element in your video, can instruct the viewer to prepare them for action or to pay attention or can be used as a clickable navigation guide that leads viewers to different parts of the video.


Even though it is a video, images are a great way to continue engagement with your reader. Companies can use clickable photos to drive viewers to related blogs or resources to continue their experience on your site. The business can also use it to promote CTAs, play a video clip, or start a phone call, making it a great feature to further engage your audience and nurture them down the sales funnel.

Video Clips

To humanize the sales process use personal clips and webcam recordings within your prospecting and demo videos to help put a face to the name and to create a more personalized experience for each prospect. This will help stand out against competitors and truly connect with your audience, instead of sending a plain text email that gets lost in the shuffle.


Voice Clips

Voice clips permit businesses to add voice-overs to their videos for personalized commentary. Companies can use voice clips to clarify specific imagery or further explain the topic.


To help keep businesses ADA compliant, Mindstamp’s transcription feature automatically transcribes videos and creates searchable, clickable transcripts. This transcription feature can help viewers go back and look at content in a whitepaper format.


Gather insight into how your audience is engaging with your content and make improvements for future campaigns. Collect the data captured by your audience and integrate with top CRM platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce to have contact pages automatically update with data from your video.


Partner with Pyxl to help

Want to stand out in the sea of videos and incorporate interactive videos into your content strategy? Our content experts here at Pyxl are here to help you create personalized and engaging videos for your audience so you can make the most out of our content and brand message. Contact your digital experts at Pyxl to learn how!

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