Rebranding: Achieving Successful Employee Buy-In During Your Transition

May 22, 2024 | 4  min
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75% of organizations have undergone a rebrand since 2020, reflecting the rapid evolution of market demands. As companies navigate transformation and rebranding efforts, securing employee buy-in is critical. A committed workforce and receptive company culture enhances a company’s successful rebrand, or pivot of any sort. 

This blog explores effective strategies for engaging employees throughout the rebranding process, ensuring they are not only informed but are active participants in the evolution of their company. 

The Need for Transparent Communication while Rebranding

Transparency is pivotal in the success of any rebranding effort, as exemplified by Kellanova’s strategic approach. Kellanova, the new corporate company name associated with the well-known Kellogg brand, decided to redefine its brand by prioritizing clear and open communication with its employees. Starting with the announcement of its North American cereal business spinoff, the company held numerous global town halls and team discussions. This transparency helped employees understand the reasons behind the rebrand, the anticipated benefits, and how it would affect the organization.

 By involving employees from the outset, Kellanova not only fostered a sense of ownership among the workforce but also mitigated resistance to change. This approach ensured that the employees felt valued and integral to the transition process, which is crucial in maintaining morale and productivity during significant organizational changes.

Strategies for Effective Communication while Rebranding

To foster an environment where employees feel informed and involved during a rebrand, consider these approaches:

  • Consistent Updates: Establish a routine schedule to share updates about rebrand progress. This could be through newsletters, intranet posts, and/or regular meetings.
  • Engagement Opportunities: Create forums and workshops where employees can participate in discussions about the rebrand, ask questions, and provide input.
  • Detailed Explanations: Communicate the reasons behind the rebrand clearly. Explain how the changes reflect the company’s future direction and how this benefits the organization.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Implement channels for employees to give feedback on rebranding initiatives in real-time. This could be through digital surveys or suggestion boxes.

Involve Employees in the Rebranding Process

Involving employees actively in the rebranding process not only enhances their commitment but also enriches the brand itself. A key strategy is incorporating their input in meaningful ways. For instance, Kellanova significantly engaged its employees by inviting them to contribute ideas for the new company name. This process garnered over 4,000 submissions, reflecting a high level of employee involvement and investment in the company’s future. 

Such strategies demonstrate respect for the workforce’s insights and foster a collaborative environment where employees feel genuinely connected to the brand’s evolution.

Empowering Participation in Rebrand Activities

To truly involve employees in the rebranding process, consider integrating activities that encourage participation and allow them to contribute creatively. Here are some effective methods:

  • Idea Submission Platforms: Provide a platform where employees can submit their ideas for the new brand elements such as logos, taglines, or even brand values.
  • Workshops and Brainstorming Sessions: Organize workshops where employees can collaborate on branding strategies and provide input on the direction of the rebrand.
  • Brand Ambassador Programs: Establish a brand ambassador program that enables enthusiastic employees to represent and promote the rebrand internally and externally.

These strategies not only encourage active involvement but also help employees feel a sense of ownership and commitment to the success of the new brand.

Unveiling the Rebrand to Employees

The unveiling of a rebrand to employees and internal stakeholders is a crucial moment that can significantly impact their engagement and acceptance of the change. Making the unveiling an inclusive event involves transparent communication and participatory activities. For instance, Kellanova made its rebrand unveiling memorable by creating an unveiling video featuring over 275 employees who participated in revealing the new brand name. 

This approach not only made the employees feel valued but also reinforced their connection to the new brand identity. Similarly, involving employees in such significant ways can transform a routine announcement into a unifying and celebratory event, enhancing their commitment to the brand’s future success.

Monitoring and Measuring Employee Engagement

To effectively monitor and measure employee engagement during a rebrand, it is essential to employ a variety of techniques that capture genuine feedback and sentiment. Here are some strategies:

  • Conduct Surveys: Regularly distribute surveys to assess how employees feel about the rebrand and any changes it introduces.
  • Feedback Sessions: Hold feedback sessions or town hall meetings to gather qualitative insights and allow employees to voice concerns or suggestions.
  • One-on-One Interviews: Schedule individual interviews to delve deeper into employee sentiments and gather detailed feedback.
  • Engagement Metrics: Track participation rates in rebrand-related events and activities as a tangible measure of engagement.
  • Pulse Checks: Implement quick, frequent “pulse checks” to monitor changes in employee sentiment over time.
  • Use of Technology: Leverage digital tools and platforms for continuous feedback collection and analysis.

Surveys are a key tool in this process, allowing organizations to gather quantitative data on how employees feel about the new brand and the changes it entails. For deeper insights, companies can also implement regular feedback sessions and one-on-one interviews to understand the emotional and practical impacts of the rebrand on the workforce. Additionally, tracking engagement metrics such as participation in rebrand-related events and initiatives can provide tangible evidence of buy-in. This multi-faceted approach ensures that employee voices are heard and addressed throughout the rebranding journey.

Key Takeaways 

By engaging employees through clear, ongoing dialogue and participatory activities, companies can ensure that their rebranding efforts are embraced internally, paving the way for external success. If you’re considering a rebrand and want to ensure it resonates not only with your audience but also with your team, partner with Pyxl. We specialize in branding services that prioritize deep employee engagement to secure a robust and unified brand transition. Reach out to us at Pyxl to start your rebrand with a team that understands the value of establishing collective buy-in early into any change management project.

Updated: May 22, 2024

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