Pyxl Builds Two Websites for Bhakti Chai Brand

Aug 11, 2015 | 2  min
author Allegra Korver

BOULDER, Colo. August 11, 2015 – Pyxl, known for designing world-class digital experiences, recently built two websites for Boulder-based chai company, Bhakti Chai. The brand’s main website,, was redesigned for responsive navigation and to create a more streamlined online shopping experience. Bhakti Chai’s new charitable website,, is the company’s innovative platform for positive social change. G.I.T.A. stands for “Give, Inspire and Take Action,” and it urges fans to learn more about organizations making an impact in the global community.

“Bhakti means “devotion through social action” and from the beginning we have been devoted to supporting a variety of initiatives that are generating social change,” said Brook Eddy, owner of Bhakti Chai. “Our new Gita Giving website is an avenue for us to expand awareness and engage our passionate fans with projects that are making a difference around the world.”

Redesigned by Pyxl, the main Bhakti Chai website was created with a heavy focus on the ecommerce, shopping and product aspects of the site, as well as creating a responsive platform that is optimized across all devices. The site was reworked to give it a more modern feel, make it easier to navigate and provide a streamlined experience for getting to know the brand, their product lines and allow fans to connect easily.

“We wanted the site to have a very authentic Indian feel to immerse the user in the Bhakti Chai brand, which all evolved from Brook’s inaugural trip to India,” said Lynsay Russell, Senior Account Strategist at Pyxl. “This was conveyed through bright and bold colors, Indian textures and colorful photography.”

The new Gita Giving website enables Bhakti Chai to support and promote organizations and charities they believe in. Pyxl built the site with the same altruism in mind. Designed to highlight many socially conscious endeavors, Pyxl and Bhakti Chai worked together with the goal of featuring and representing organizations they care about. The three main areas of giving are women/girls, sustainability/environment and civic/community. There was also a focus on simplifying the process of donating, sharing, and nominating so the community can easily get involved while on the site.

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An interest in social action and a passion for travel led Bhakti Chai Founder and CEO Brook Eddy to India in 2002 to research a movement based on the principles of Bhakti, or “devotion through social action.” In 2007, Bhakti Chai was born with the vision of fusing sustainably sourced ingredients, artisan craft-brewed products and the values of triple bottom line business. This vision and leadership continue to permeate the company’s spicy brew by championing causes through their new Gita Giving platform and blending beverages into a crusade for a better world. Bhakti Chai concentrates, ready-to-drinks and Artisan teas are available at Whole Foods Markets, natural and independent markets, Costco, Kroger, Target, and cafés around the country.

Updated: Aug 11, 2015

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