10 New Year’s Resolutions for Marketing Professionals in 2021

Jan 05, 2021 | 6  min
author Kati Fredericksen

It’s the time of year again! Time to put 2020 behind us and make waves for 2021. 

New year’s resolutions are a perfect way to reflect on the previous year and really start thinking of ways to make some positive changes for the upcoming year.

However, only 12% of people who make New year’s resolutions are actually successful in achieving them. Most people either don’t have specific goals, aren’t sure how to get started, or don’t know how to track their progress, among other reasons.

To ensure you’re set up for success we’ve listed 10 achievable new year’s resolutions for marketing and business professionals to make in 2021, including the resources and best practices to get you started!

1. Focus on the user experience (UX)
2. Improve your design and visual content
3. Stay up to date on the latest marketing innovations
4. Try new trends and strategies
5. Adopt emerging technologies
6. Experiment outside your content comfort zone
7. Be social on social media
8. Become a better listener
9. Write better quality content
10. Subscribe to Pyxl’s blog

1. Focus on the user experience (UX)

UX design is the process used to determine what the experience will be like when a user interacts with your product.” Focusing on user experience means having a deep understanding of the user’s needs, abilities, limitations, and expectations. 

According to Google, users prefer sites with good page experience, which is why Google created a new set of metrics called “Core Web Vitals” to measure a website’s user experience, such as load time, interactivity, and visual stability. Google plans to use these metrics in combination with the existing Search criteria to determine a page’s search ranking in 2021, which is why you’ll need to prioritize the user experience.

Google's core web vitals-loading, interactivity and visual stability

In order to improve your user’s UX and keep people engaged on your site longer, you’ll need a website that’s original, easy to use, navigable, accessible, credible, and aesthetically pleasing.

Here are a few ways to start focusing on the user experience in 2021:

1. Go mobile. 46% of people use their phone as their primary research tool. If a user lands on your site with a poor user experience, they’ll likely leave your page and visit your competitor’s instead. And on top of that, Google rewards sites that are mobile-responsive. Check out our guide on Responsive Website Design for tips on becoming mobile-optimized.

2. Improve page speed. The average consumer expects a web page to load in less than 2 seconds and 40% will leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds. Google uses load time to help rank accessibility, and a site with slow load time means poor accessibility.

3. Run A/B tests. While there are UX best practices, there is no secret formula for how a website should be designed. However, A/B testing is a great way to figure out what’s working for your users and what’s not to help improve your site’s navigation and usability.

4. Hire a UX designer. Hiring an expert UX designer and website designer will ensure the best practices are in place to improve your users’ experience.

2. Improve your design and visual content

Because so many businesses have had to focus on digital marketing strategies in 2020, one of the biggest marketing and business challenges found from our 2021 Digital Marketing Survey Report was the struggle to stand out and compete with businesses using the same digital methods.

What's Next in Digital Marketing 2021 Survey Report Sub CTA

Having high-quality images and eye-catching visual content is a pretty big deal when it comes to engaging with your audience. 68% of consumers have said that they want to engage with images, and visual content is 40Xs more likely to be shared on social media.

Take the time to improve your own design skills by playing around with easy-to-use design tools like Canva and Adobe. Or consider investing in an experienced graphic design team like Pyxl to really help improve your brand’s design right away.

3. Stay up to date on the latest marketing innovations

With new platforms emerging (like TikTok in 2020), new algorithms and regulations to keep up with, and new digital trends to try, it’s safe to say that things are always changing in marketing. The best way to keep up in the fast world of digital marketing is to dedicate time each week to industry research.

Stay accountable by scheduling 30+ minutes a week on your calendar that’s dedicated to industry research. Take this time to read industry newsletters, listen to industry podcasts, or read up on your favorite newsworthy blogs, like Pyxl’s blog, to see keep up with the latest marketing innovations.

4. Try new trends and strategies

The next step after learning about all these new trends and strategies in your industry is to actually implement them! 

2020 is a great example of how people can change the way they consume media. The best way to accommodate these changes is to try incorporating the new digital trends that emerge into your digital strategy.

Put your business on the cutting edge by trying out new strategies, such as interactive video experiences, account-based marketing, or targeting generation Z.

“My 2021 resolution is to experiment. To come up with new ideas for our clients, test them and iterate.”Marcus Ranney, Pyxl President

5. Adopt emerging technologies

Technology is growing at an exponential rate, meaning businesses need to start adopting new technologies to keep up. And with all the marketing trends and strategies to implement, the need for tools to help streamline your marketing efforts is going to be key. 

There are hundreds of tools marketing and business professionals can adopt to help improve efficiency, save time, and grow their business. Take a look at all the different (and best) marketing tools we recommend incorporating into your digital strategy.

Best Marketing Tools

6. Experiment outside your content comfort zone

Have you ever heard the phrase, “The only time you’re growing is when you’re uncomfortable?” Take your business out of its usual comfort zone and start experimenting with new content mediums, like videos or checklists, to see what your audience responds to and what content methods generate the most leads.

By using a variety of content methods you have the ability to reach and connect with your different contacts that are within different stages of the buyer’s journey in a number of ways:

Content for Buyer's Journey

Be sure to track your metrics and past performance to see what content your target audience is responding to, and make adjustments accordingly.

7. Be social on social media

Considering half of the world uses social media, and with new social platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok popping up “every day”, it’s definitely wise to incorporate social media in your marketing strategy.

“One of my new year’s resolutions for 2021 is to grow our social engagement on Pyxl social accounts!”Laura Reyes, Marketing Intern at Pyxl

Social media allows your business to be seen by a larger audience, can help build your brand, and help develop a loyal customer base…when done right!

It’s not just about promoting your business or pushing people towards your website, social media should be used to engage with your audience and well… be social and create real connections!

Here are a few social media new year’s resolutions for 2021:

1. Use relevant hashtags.

2. Create interactive content beyond photos and blog posts, such as instagram stories, polls, quizzes, interactive videos, surveys, and questions.

3. Don’t ignore your audience. When someone comments on your posts, reply back and continue the conversation.

4. Focus on providing helpful content instead of promotional content. Think ⅔ informational and ⅓ promotional. This will help build credibility with your audience.

5. Engage and participate in Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Answer questions and provide feedback.

6. Be personable. Do live videos, or share behind the scene photos to let people see the face(s) behind your brand.

7. Schedule your posts at the best time for your audience. Look at past metrics and decide when your target best engages with your content.

Check out our social media best practices guide for more tips and tricks for being social in 2021.

8. Become a better listener

Improve the customer experience by showing your contacts you’re listening to them.

1. Understand your target audience. Really take the time to understand their needs and their wants before trying to connect with them. This will ensure you’re providing the best and most relevant experience for them.

2. Write content people actually want to read. Use personalization and smart content to collect data based on previous interactions and interests to create a personalized experience.

3. Respond to Google reviews. Monitor your review sites and quickly respond to reviews, positive and negative, to acknowledge you’ve received their feedback and to let them know you’re listening.

9. Write better quality content

Content is king. In 2021 instead of writing more content, focus your new year’s resolution on writing better content! As previously mentioned, Google will rank pages based on user experience, but will also rank pages using existing search signals, meaning great and relevant content is still key.

Stop focusing on high-ranking keywords to drive the direction of your content, and instead focus on:

1. Creating content your audience is actually searching for.

2. Writing helpful content that creates a human connection and builds trust.

3. Creating original and relevant content.

4. Writing content that’s SEO optimized.

5. Improving your content’s readability and scanability.

Take a look at our “How to Create Compelling Optimized Content” blog for more tips on how to gather and identify content that drives.

10. Subscribe to Pyxl blog

And lastly, one of your new year’s resolutions for 2021 should be to subscribe to Pyxl’s newsletter (shameless plug). We’ll here to help you by providing you with the latest insights on digital strategies, marketing best practices, industry trends, and more, directly to your inbox.

New year’s resolutions are hard to keep, let us be your accountability partner. We’ll help you create and successfully execute a digital strategy that can take your business to the next level in 2021. Contact your digital experts at Pyxl to learn how!

Updated: Jan 06, 2021

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