Pyxl Recognized with Three International MarCom Awards

Jan 14, 2021 | 2  min
author Kati Fredericksen

We are excited to announce that our team has won three MarCom Awards for our work this past year! The MarCom Awards, put on by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), recognize outstanding marketing and creative achievement. This year, there were over 5,000 entries from over 28 countries in the 2020 MarCom Awards competition.

MarCom’s judges look for companies and individuals whose talent exceeds a high standard of excellence and whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry. Winners are selected from over 300 categories in Print, Web, Video, and Strategic Communications.

This year, just 17% of entries won a Platinum Award, the highest honor, and 24% of entries won a Gold Award. Pyxl’s wins include one Platinum Award and two Gold Awards. To say that we’re excited would be an understatement!

At Pyxl, we have the opportunity to work with amazing clients – one of the key contributors to our success. Check out our MarCom award-winning work!


Fillauer Website
Platinum Award Winner

Fillauer Desktop and Mobile

Category: Best Business to Business Website

Fillauer, a global provider of prosthetics, partnered with Pyxl to redesign its web presence in a way that reflected its mission to foster improved functional outcomes of patients, along with its long-time experience and dedication to doing so. Pyxl built a responsive, engaging, and accessible website to bring Fillauer’s thousands of products to life, while also enhancing their brand image.

Continue reading Fillauer’s case study to learn more about the project.


RazorSync Website
Gold Award Winner

RazorSync website on laptop and iphone

Category: Best Business to Consumer Website

RazorSync is a top-rated field service software that helps field service businesses manage their team with automated digital tools. Pyxl redesigned and launched RazorSync’s new website to improve their digital presence, focus on the company’s unique features, and provide users with the best experience.


T5 Data Centers Website
Gold Award Winner

T5 Desktop and Mobile

Category: Best Business to Business Website

T5 Data Centers provides customized data center solutions across the lifecycle of the core data center for enterprise and hysercale customers. T5 partnered with Pyxl to design and develop a new website to showcase all of T5’s expanding data center services.

Continue reading T5 Data Center’s case study to learn more about the project.

Like what you see? Is your company in need of a website redesign? What about a full inbound marketing strategy phase or a motion graphic video? As an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency, we do it all – from enterprise-class websites, mobile and web applications, to integrated and engaging digital and inbound marketing and communications programs. We work with a variety of clients across a wide range of industries – let us know how we can help your organization!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

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