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Apr 19, 2022 | 3  min
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So, you wrote an enticing blog post over a year ago that drove a record number of leads for your company – too bad you can’t use some of that killer content in other pieces you’re writing, right?

Wrong. There are many different ways that you can repurpose and recycle content that you’ve already written.

First, choose content that is a good fit for being repurposed. Consider reusing content from your most popular webinar last year, but stay away from blog posts that didn’t gain much engagement. Once you have the perfect content in mind, decide what you’d like to make of it. Not sure where to start?

Here are ways in which you can reuse existing content

1. Blog Posts

Once you’ve written a blog post, you likely spent quite a bit of time doing research, have newfound knowledge and have somewhere around 1,000 words. There are a couple different things you can do with this content.

If it’s still relevant, pare it down and create an informational email to send to your target audience, then link to the blog post to allow them to learn more.

On the other hand, you can also dive deeper and write even more or combine similar posts to create a more substantial premium content offer, such as an eBook or a guide. For example, if you wrote three separate blog posts about different ways to engage patients, compile them to create a patient engagement eBook.

Does your blog post contain a lot of relevant statistics? Turn it into an infographic. In this form, the statistics will be visual and easier to digest for many viewers. Additionally, you’ll have the information in a highly shareable format.

Sometimes, blog posts can also be turned into checklists, top ten lists and quizzes, depending on the content. Let’s say your blog post was titled “Tackling the First Week of College.” You could create a top ten list titled “Top 10 Things to do Your First Week” or a checklist titled “10 Things to Take Advantage of Your First Week of College.”

2. Premium Content

Premium content, such as guides and eBooks, can either be pared down or used in other formats.

While you can put similar blog posts together or expand on one to create a guide or an eBook, you can also take a guide or an eBook and create a series of blog posts. Do you have an eBook about crafting the perfect hiring process? Break it down into 3 blog posts – the applicant review process, the interview process and the decision process.

With video surging in popularity, consider turning your guide or eBook into a webinar or video. Pull out key points, statistics, quotes or testimonials to include on your webinar slides or on-screen during your video, while having your presenter talk through the meat of the content.

3. Make Updates

Sometimes, a little updating can go a long way – your content should reflect current industry trends and statistics. For example, if you wrote an eBook back in 2013, you likely used statistics from 2012 and framed your content around what was current in the industry at the time. While those stats and trends were relevant then, they definitely aren’t anymore – the times, they are a changin’.

Often times, blog posts are found via organic search. If your post is well optimized, it might still be showing up on the first page of search results, even though it was written years ago. While it’s great to still be showing up in the top 10 results, once someone clicks through to your post and sees that it was written a while back, they might immediately discredit it without even reading through. When updating blog posts, choose high performers from the past and make sure you keep your URL and title the same. Once you’ve updated the old content to reflect new statistics, industry trends and best practices, republish the post with the new date.

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Creating new content is important, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time. Take these tips into consideration, start repurposing your most successful content and drive more leads with what you already have. Need help figuring out how to do so? Give us a shout!

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

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