8 Tips For A Winning eCommerce Site

Sep 30, 2021 | 3  min
author Laura Reyes

Is the thought of launching an eCommerce site downright maddening? We understand. From development and design to product updates and follow-ups, it can be a daunting task. By 2023, eCommerce will account for more than $6.5 trillion in sales, representing 22% of all global retail sales. So we came up with eight tips to help your business satisfy customers’ needs and help you optimize an eCommerce site that’s sure to beat the competition.

Design for Mobile

This tip isn’t about mobile-friendly; it’s about mobile-first. We live in the age of micro-moments and snap decisions and let’s face it; our phones are getting smarter every day. So if you’re looking to generate sales from your eCommerce site, you need to factor in the patrons who see a display ad, notice a passerby wearing a trendy look, or just have a quick moment to browse. In addition, a growing number of Americans will use their mobile devices to buy goods online, and these millions of mobile shoppers will expect a user-friendly experience. Consumers spent more than $861 billion online with U.S. retailers in 2020, according to Digital Commerce 360, a market research firm due to these factors. Bonus points: Mobile-friendly increases your SEO rankings.

mobile design

Play Defense with a Secure Site

Some sites use non-secure domains for part of the user’s experience (think HTTP vs. HTTPS). In this age of cyberattacks, why not give your customers peace of mind by using a secure sitewide protocol? Security is not an area you want to cut back on. However, raise your hand if you can recall data breaches from major retailers and the mess many are still trying to clean up as a result.

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Develop a Solid Playbook

To avoid creating lost pages, bloated menus, and confused shoppers, develop a well-thought-out information architecture that logically guides users through your eCommerce site. It’s always a good idea to A/B test your layout by moving pages and information around for select groups of users to ensure you’re making it as easy and intuitive to navigate as possible.

Thank Your Customers

These days, customers expect a prompt email confirming their purchase and subsequent shipment. Develop an automated email workflow that establishes the professionalism and security of your eCommerce site. Once a customer has made a purchase, there is an excellent opportunity to develop repeat business by offering coupons or loyalty programs. Again, attractive design and simple layout are critical for keeping those emails out of the trash can.

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Optimize Load Times

This one’s a loaded tip, so buckle up. Since eCommerce sites are typically full of images, high-quality photos and Retina-display-ready images are crucial to getting a better sense of how an item looks. Be sure to use the correct file size and type to optimize loading times. Additionally, if you want to reduce reloading times, make sure your shopping cart feature uses Javascript and Ajax since users will return and forth throughout the site. Finally, make sure you have a backend database that allows for actions like product searching and order queries and that your servers are ready for high traffic volumes. Customers expect a mobile website to load just as quickly as an app, so long wait times can result in fewer sales.

Don’t Overcomplicate Your Design.

Using iconography can be hip and clean or confusing if customers are unfamiliar with the symbols or how they relate to navigating your site. On the other hand, don’t overlook text navigation to broaden your customer base to international and intergenerational markets.

simple design

Be Straightforward

Win and maintain trust by not hiding information in fine print or presenting extra fees at the last minute. Let customers know what they can expect to pay upfront and include clear links to privacy and return policies. More than just a one-time sale, you’re looking to build loyalty. If there’s something shady with the purchasing process, you can bet your customers will air their grievances on social media for all to see. Brush up on crisis communication on social media.

Encourage Customer Engagement

Compete with more significant eCommerce sites by encouraging customer engagement through reviews and feedback. Product reviews increase search rankings, give your customers a voice and create trust in your product. As mentioned in the last tip, social media will be the first place your customers go to either praise or put down your development. Therefore, be attentive and never ignore customer feedback. It’s both an opportunity to right a wrong for the customer and your business as a whole.

Partner with Pyxl

Creating an aesthetically pleasing and effective website requires attention to these tips. Build and optimize your eCommerce site along with the experts at Pyxl. Contact us today!

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Updated: Sep 30, 2021

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