2023 Marketing Budget Templates

Are you looking to take control of your marketing spending in 2023? With so many moving pieces to stay competitive in today’s digital market, it can be difficult to stay on top of where your budget is being spent. And with 2023 continuing trends from 2022, it’s important to start your business plan now so you can be prepared for the new year.

To help you start planning for the new year, we’ve created 3 different customizable budget templates to help you calculate and track your marketing spend throughout the year.

Download these 3 templates to start planning your marketing budget for 2023:

  1. Paid Media Budget Model:
    • Calculate the expected number of media impressions, clicks per channel, number of downloads, number of subscribers, and subscriber fees based on the determined media budget.
    • Visualize what your paid media budget could look like and reverse engineer what it needs to be based on the numbers provided and calculated.
  2. CMS + CRM Marketing Budget Planning Model:
    • This budget model will break down your one-time service fees in addition to your monthly ongoing service fees so you can decide which CMS + CRM option is best for your business and incorporate it into your 2023 marketing budget accordingly.
    • Understand your different pricing possibilities and compare the total costs for each CMS + CRM option.
  3. 2023 Marketing Budget Template:
    • This template will allow you to plan for your 2023 marketing budget and compare your projected expenses with what you’ve actually spent each month.
    • Start tracking your monthly per-project services as well as your reoccurring monthly retainer project estimates.

With each template, you’ll be able to download a copy of the Google Sheet template so you can edit your own version with numbers specific to your business and industry.


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