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Relat: Intelligent & Personalized AI Sales Outreach Assistant
Relat Case Study
What & Why
Relat is a revolutionary Generative AI assistant designed to allow business development and sales team members to deliver deeper and more meaningful outreach communications to prospects, customers and partners. This innovative solution combines multiple AIs including access to current and topical news articles, content browsing and summarization, and new content generation. Articles are identified that specifically match the interests of a target recipient and communications are tailored to the goal of the outreach. This unique product experience highlights Pyxl’s role in delivering AI technology as part of sales enabling technologies.
  • Comprehensive AI-Driven SaaS Application: Pyxl provided all front-end development support to deliver the complete AI-driven outreach experience, including signup, functional workflow, usage history, account management and Stripe-based billing integration.
  • Beta Launch of Relat to Initial Users: is now available to Beta users and is available for waitlist signup for sales and business development professionals seeking to go beyond simple AI generated content to more personalized and relevant outreach.
  • Go-to-Market Planning: With the experience completed, Pyxl and Relat are defining the best approach to expanding awareness and access to this unique tool.
  • Custom AI Assistant Integration
  • Front-End UX Development
  • Account Management & Payments Integrations
Pyxl worked with the Relat team to understand how they envisioned users experiencing the combination of AI steps to create the personalized outreach. This includes a multi-AI process capturing target audience, goals, returning potentially relevant articles, summarizing that content based on specific goals and delivering the final result in an appropriately formatted output for the communications channel chosen.
Front-End UX Development
Working closely with the client, Pyxl translated design objectives into a seamless and efficient user experience including desktop and mobile friendly responsive design. Users are able to easily identify who their target audience is, why they’re reaching out, and what channel they plan to communicate through. The system rapidly produces intelligent, personalized and contextual communications.
relat case study
Pyxl engineers completed integration to the back-end that operates the AI-Assistant workflows and connections, Auth0 for user authentication and Stripe for account management and billing.
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