Pyxl and Carpathia Awarded for Graphic Design Expertise

Sep 10, 2015 | 2  min
author Bonnie Horner

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. September 10, 2015 – Pyxl, a full-service digital marketing firm, announced they won the global HubSpot Impact Award for “Client Graphic Design of the Year.” Pyxl’s winning submission featured an educational infographic, “Challenges in Managing a Hybrid Cloud,” designed for Carpathia, a QTS company.

“At Pyxl, we take pride in working with clients to tell their brands’ stories through informative copy and interesting designs,” said Josh Phillips, president of Pyxl. “Delivering quality work to our clients is our top priority, and we’re honored to have won an award for our work with long-time client Carpathia.”

The HubSpot Impact Awards are open to 2,050 HubSpot partners in 65 countries around the world. HubSpot is an industry-leading inbound marketing and sales platform and the Impact Awards recognize their partners whose excellent work in design, marketing and development contributed to their clients’ success

“The Pyxl team is extremely creative,” said Kelly White, marketing communications manager at Carpathia. “We’re excited that they won this award for a design they created for Carpathia – it’s a testament to their exceptional work.”

Pyxl is passionate about the web and helping clients establish and/or grow their digital presence and, ultimately, driving clients’ success. In addition to graphic design, they build digital experiences – from enterprise-class websites, mobile and web applications, to integrated and engaging digital marketing strategies. Pyxl helps customers monetize their investments in websites, web applications and other web properties by utilizing strategic, custom inbound marketing plans tailored to each customer’s needs.

“Pyxl integrates inbound into every aspect of their business, marketing, and mission, and the Client Graphic Design of the Year award is a true testament to their success,” said Pete Caputa, vice president of sales at HubSpot. “Since day one as a HubSpot Partner, their agency has been creating valuable, seamless interactions for their leads, prospects, and customers. Agencies everywhere can learn from their innovative tactics and impressive growth.”

For more information about Pyxl’s proven digital expertise in a variety of industries, visit

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Updated: Apr 13, 2022

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