Pyxl Announces Launch of Maybank Advisors

Apr 21, 2021 | 2  min
author Brian Winter

Digitizing businesses to accelerate revenue growth.

Welcome! As the CEO and founder of Pyxl I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of Pyxl’s sister company, Maybank Advisors, a digital transformation consulting firm.

What is Maybank Advisors?

Maybank Advisors is a consultancy that helps businesses accelerate sales and revenue growth by adopting digital strategies, tools, and processes that streamline the marketing and sales processes.

Why I started Maybank Advisors

Nothing matches the need to hit a revenue number. As a former Chief Revenue, Chief Marketing Officer, Advisor, and Board Member for venture-backed, private-equity, and Fortune 500 companies, I too felt the pressure of delivering growth. That pressure has forced me to adopt an approach that is both thoughtful and adaptable to the always-changing market conditions and demands. 

Over the last 25 years, I’ve optimized my methodology to help streamline sales and marketing organizations, strategies, and processes using my proprietary Reverse Funnel Process and Sales Optimization Process. These proven methods have been used by over 100 companies and delivered consistent revenue growth while decreasing the cost of sales.

I understand what it takes to create short and long-term revenue-generation strategies in fluctuating markets. More importantly, from owning my own successful digital marketing agency for nearly 13 years, I know what it takes to execute those strategies through in-house and outsourced teams.

Pyxl and Maybank Advisors Partnership

Since 2008, Pyxl has been helping businesses transform their digital presence by offering expansive digital marketing services that drive business growth and results. With the launch of Maybank Advisors, businesses can now partner with both Maybank Advisors and Pyxl to receive full-spectrum digital transformation services and solutions. 

Not only will businesses receive business development and digital consultation services from Maybank Advisors, but they’ll also be partnered with an award-winning agency to help execute any sales and marketing strategy that would emerge from partnering with Maybank.

Why Choose Maybank Advisors

My goal for Maybank is to provide businesses and professionals with the tools and insights they need to work more efficiently and create better connections with customers, leading to greater revenue growth for your business.

Maybank Advisors’ digital transformation services include:

• Strategic and tactical workshops
• Digital, marketing, and process assessments
• Detailed recommendations
• Comprehensive marketing and digital strategies
• Short-term, interim CMO services
• Board member services

Visit to learn more about the digital consulting services Maybank offers.

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss how Maybank and our partnership with Pyxl can accelerate your business growth.


Brian Winter
Pyxl CEO & Founder
Maybank Advisors CEO & Founder

Updated: May 30, 2023

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