Pairing an Agency with Your In-house Marketing Team

Jun 14, 2022 | 3  min
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Running a successful marketing campaign demands a lot of resources. Designing a strategy, creating content, and implementing the campaign can quickly exhaust your in-house team and detract from their regularly assigned work. The good news is that your in-house team doesn’t have to shoulder the weight of your marketing campaign alone. Many companies find that pairing an agency with an in-house marketing team helps keep ideas fresh and projects on track. Hiring a digital marketing agency to work alongside your in-house marketers can ease your team’s workload. We understand, though, that it can be difficult to release control to an agency. By choosing an agency that will operate well as an extension of your team, while also having a plan for how that relationship will work, you can feel more comfortable sharing the responsibility of your campaigns. When it comes to managing your relationship with your agency, communication is key.

Here are four things that are essential to discuss with your agency in order to get the most out of your campaign:

1. Communicate Your Objectives

Imagine your agency is a taxi driver. You can get in the taxi, but unless you tell the driver your destination, you are simply running up the meter without getting where you need to go. There is no return on investment. Your agency should serve as an ally in helping you meet your business goals. In order to help you meet your goals, your agency first has to know what they are. Your campaign’s objective should be well-defined and measurable. It’s a good idea to include your agency in the goal-setting process, as they can help direct you to a solution that fits the campaign’s available budget and resources.

2. Communicate Your Roles

When an in-house team and an agency are collaborating on a campaign, there can be an overlap in roles. It is important to establish ownership early in the process so all team members know what components of the campaign they are responsible for. Make sure you know who your account manager is and understand your points of contact for your different requests. Likewise, make sure your agency knows whom to contact when they have updates or questions for your in-house team. Having clearly defined owners will expedite communication and save you time and money.

3. Communicate Results

By giving your agency a specific, measurable objective, they will be able to track the campaign’s progress throughout its duration. During regular meetings, your in-house team and agency can discuss what’s working and what’s not. When reviewing reports, it’s important that you communicate openly about your perceptions of the campaign’s progress. If you’re concerned and feel a need to reevaluate the campaign strategy, explain that to your partner agency.

4. Communicate About Communicating

Finally, make communication a routine component of your relationship with your agency. Both partners in this relationship must make a conscientious effort to keep the other in the loop. Whether you’re sending progress reports via email or scheduling regular meetings, maintaining an open dialogue with your agency about your campaign will keep both partners up to date and the campaign on track. When an in-house team and an agency partner together on a campaign, both are eager to see the campaign succeed. Often, the silent killer of successful campaigns is poor communication. The key to improving your campaign is improving communication between your in-house marketers and your digital marketing agency.

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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

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