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Jun 11, 2021 | 4  min
author Bonnie Horner

42% of the world’s population uses social media, which roughly adds up to 3.2 billion users worldwide. With new platforms popping up left and right, companies are increasingly able to expand their online reach through platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. 

Social media has the potential to be a powerful marketing channel if appropriately used. Nevertheless, marketers face a challenging task in leveraging such a powerful tool. Brands must be accessible, relevant, and consistent on social media. The importance of tracking trends, measuring the results of social efforts, and engaging continuously with prospects on social channels cannot be overstated. It can be challenging to conduct all of these activities simultaneously with several marketing campaigns. Hence, automation is integral to streamline social media activities and improve marketing strategies.

Marketers can automate social media processes to save time, save effort, and maximize the ROI of their online efforts through social media automation. Content publishing, content tracking, and content measurement all fall under this category.

Discover the benefits of social media automation and how you can use it to post across social media platforms. 

Key Features of Social Media Automation

Content Publishing

An essential feature of any social media automation tool is the ability to publish content directly to multiple social networks at once. Instead of going into each platform, your social media scheduling platform allows you to integrate all your platforms so you post content across multiple channels from one location saving you valuable time.

social schedule

Scheduling Posts

Scheduling future posts is another important feature of social media automation tools. Oftentimes your audience may be most engaged during non-business hours. Therefore, you can plan and schedule your social media strategy in advance so you can maximize your reach on social media. It also lets you know when your audience is active on social platforms so that you can post at those times regardless of your schedule. Additionally, you have the option of scheduling posts in bulk. Various automation software packages allow you to use a spreadsheet to schedule your posts in advance.

publish post

Easy-to-use Dashboard

The social media automation process incorporates multiple channels, users, and content into one system. You need to keep your automation tool’s dashboard simple and clean to help simplify the process. Automation platforms should provide an intuitive user interface that makes essential elements easy to access.


Automated Responses

Social media interaction allows you to connect directly with your prospects and customers. No matter what time zone your team is in, to provide a great experience it’s essential that you reply as soon as possible. Using automation platforms, you can set up automated responses to messages received through your social media channels. Even though agents may be unavailable at any time, this keeps prospects engaged. Ensure that the social automation tool you choose can have the ability to create automated responses.

automated responses

Analysis and Reporting

Lastly, it is vital to keep track of your analytics across all platforms. Through the use of analytics, you will discover which posts do well and others that don’t. It is possible to optimize by focusing on efforts that are important to engagement, brand building, and conversions. A robust analysis and reporting feature that automatically displays real-time data is an essential aspect of social media automation.


Social media automation tools


HubSpot’s social media tool allows you to save time and prioritize your social interactions. You can publish your content directly to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter from within the platform. The marketing campaign tool lets you share blog posts, landing pages, and more from the same interface. This software also offers recommendations on when to post, facilitating the creation of a sophisticated social media strategy. You can also stay informed about every interaction with your messages and create custom keyword monitoring streams to show what matters to you and your team members. This platform also allows you to connect to other forms of automation, including email, landing pages, and paid media. 



Hootsuite provides scheduling and reporting tools and content curation tools that you can use to generate ideas and post them. Features offered by Hootsuite include social scheduling, integration with almost all social platforms, custom reports, measuring social ROI, real-time updates, and notifications on brand mentions. Advanced features also include social listening, sentiment analysis, and in-depth reporting for progressive campaigns.



Buffer lets you create unique social media schedules for every social media profile you have to make the most of your most engaged times. Social media helps to strengthen relationships between you and your potential customers. Using Buffer, you can create unique, custom social media schedules for every social media profile you manage. Another beneficial feature is the calendar tool. This tool allows your team to plan for big announcements, product launches, and other events that may significantly impact your company.  


Sprout Social

With Sprout Social, your social media team can solve the three fundamental problems with manual social media management: overflowing inboxes, missed messages, and time-consuming tasks. The features include social media planning and publishing, social conversion tracking, analytics, platform integrations, and community building. It also offers advanced features, such as sophisticated attribution and monitoring of trends and influencers. The collaboration tools are one of the best features because you can integrate your customer support platforms such as Zendesk, HubSpot, and UserVoice.

sprout social

Next Steps

Never let your social media fail based on lack of content or inability to post at the correct times when your audience is most engaged. At Pyxl, we work to cater to your potential customers and will help you choose the right platform for your business. Contact Pyxl today to see how we can help automate your social media process!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

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