How to Build Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Oct 09, 2014 | 2  min
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Earlier this week, I presented at an Arizona Technology Council lunch and learn, sponsored by Pyxl, about how to go about building your inbound marketing strategy. As a HubSpot Gold Partner, Pyxl is thoroughly obsessed with inbound marketing.

inbound marketing
These days, the traditional marketing playbook is broken – 91% of people have unsubscribed from email lists, two-thirds of people who record TV content do so to skip advertisements and the average click-through rate on display ads is only 0.2%.

Today’s consumers demand a more personalized marketing approach – that’s where inbound marketing comes in. Inbound marketers seek to attract their ideal audience, convert them into leads and close them as customers, ultimately delighting them and turning them into evangelists for the brand. You have the ability to reach your ideal customers with content that they actually want to see, when they want to see it – why not take advantage of this opportunity?

inbound marketing
However, before implementing your ideal inbound marketing campaign, it’s crucial that you develop a strategy. In a recent survey by DM News, 46% of the executives surveyed stated that a “lack of an effective strategy” was the biggest obstacle in achieving their inbound marketing goals. Without first setting goals and key performance indicators (KPIs), it would be hard to gauge your success and determine campaign areas that need to be improved.

The strategy process, simplified, consists of three steps – setting your goals and KPIs, identifying your audience and creating your tactical plan. However, there are many key areas to focus on when developing your plan, including:

  • Current brand and marketing analysis
  • Competitive advantages and brand differentiation
  • Keyword analysis and strategy
  • Overview of sales team and process
  • Buyer personas
  • Quality lead identification
  • Definition of lifecycle stages
  • Outline of goals and KPIs
  • Marketing systems
  • Digital experience strategy
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Demand generation strategy
  • Lead nurturing strategy
  • Suggestions on reporting

When setting out to create your strategy, it can seem like a daunting task. However, putting in the time before your project begins will save you time in the long run and will also enhance the performance of your campaigns. The bottom line? You need an inbound marketing strategy!

Are you interested in learning more about the inbound marketing strategy process? Check out the slides from my presentation on how to build your inbound marketing strategy. Ready to take the next step in creating a strategy for your organization? Give us a shout!

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