Google AdWords vs Pay Per Click

Oct 28, 2021 | 3  min
author Bonnie Horner

When it comes to digital advertising and PPC, what does it mean to enter the world of Google Ads? Through Google Ads, you can reach your target audience whenever and wherever to share and promote your products/services. In this blog, you’ll discover why Google AdWords is a valuable investment and how PPC advertising can help grow your business. 

What does “PPC” mean, and why might I need it?

With a Pay Per Click (PPC) model, advertisers pay only when a person clicks on the ads that lead them to their website or desired goal. The advertiser pays the host of the platform, such as Google, who facilitates the ad placement. PPC is an effective option if you want to reach people who are actively searching for terms related to your business. If you decide to create a PPC campaign your budget will be determined by your audience, the competition to rank for the keyword(s), and the types of products/services you wish to drive awareness of.


It’s not uncommon for people to confuse the terms PPC and CPC. Essentially, PPC and CPC are two sides of the same coin. PPC is a specific marketing channel or approach, while CPC is a performance metric. If you’re interested in figuring out how well your PPC campaign is performing, start by measuring CPC—and then talk to your sales team to figure out how many of those clicks turn into qualified leads.

After you understand the basics of PPC it is important to know some of the trends going on in the space. Learn more through the blog that shows PPC trends and best practices.

Google PPC vs. SEO

Millions of websites and companies use Google PPC to increase their reach and find prospective customers for their products. This is an extremely effective method of raising brand awareness and driving qualified traffic to your site, amplifying sales and conversions. 

Organic rankings in Google are given only to the best-quality sites, and achieving organic rankings for the keywords you’re trying to rank for requires a lot of time, effort, and cost. Because of this, it can be hard to rank organically for keywords when competing against competitors who have more robust websites. The PPC route is often faster and allows you greater control over your listing’s appearance in search results. You’ll have a real advantage over the competition that is only using SEO if you’re also using PPC to ensure you have the top spot for your target keywords.

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An effective PPC campaign requires a good budget. Budgeting for paid media needs to be part of your upcoming 2022 marketing plan. The cost of paid media will vary according to the industry you target. If there is a larger pool of competitors, breaking into the field can be difficult and may require a hefty ad budget to compete. It’s important that you have a clear understanding of your keywords and your target audience to ensure you’re optimizing your ads and budget spending for the best performance.

Google Adwords and PPC

Google AdWords is Google’s PPC advertising platform and main source of revenue. Because PPC can be tricky to optimize and can be incredibly time-consuming to maintain, Google created the Google AdWords platform to make keyword research, bidding, and reporting easier for businesses. Typically, PPC advertisers use AdWords to bid on the keywords they want to trigger their sponsored ads. Google chooses which ads to be displayed and each ad’s position based on factors including the ad’s Quality Score, relevancy, and the advertiser’s bid– or how much they’re willing to pay for each ad click. This whole system functions very similarly to an auction.

When you use Google AdWords, you can use specific search terms related to your brand, products, and content to get your company found by your target audience, saving you time, money, and effort. According to organic SEO statistics, you can only guess which words will generate traffic for your site based on SEO stats. With Google AdWords, you know and have metrics to prove your ad performance and decisions.

Benefits of Google AdWords

Google AdWords provides a variety of benefits to companies: 

  1. Create compelling ads that deliver the messages and products/services your prospects are searching for.
  2. Set a daily budget to ensure you don’t exceed your allocated spend.
  3. Reach your customers on whatever device they are searching on – e.g. desktop, mobile or tablet.
  4. Measure the impact of your campaigns and find out how many people see your ads, the percentage of prospects who click on your ads and, the number of sales you’ve made as a direct result.
  5. You can test and tweak your ads at any time and pause and restart your ads as you see fit.
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Key Takeaways

Overall PPC requires a good understanding of your audience and keywords to ensure you’re spending your budget on relevant ads. The benefits that AdWords provides allow companies to reach their target audience through optimization. The Google AdWords campaign is set up so you can focus on optimizing keyword bids, click-through rates, and landing page conversions. If you follow the best practices provided above, you will have an effective PPC campaign. 

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Updated: Sep 01, 2022

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