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Oct 08, 2020 | 5  min
author Bonnie Horner

As a platform for business and brand growth, HubSpot can help you attract visitors, close deals, and turn customers into leads. This ultimate Marketing and Sales CRM gives you all the tools you need to get your brand on track. With the help of many HubSpot Products, your team can experience day to day work with less hassle and more control, and therefore create an inbound strategy that actually works to grow your business.

Here at Pyxl, we use HubSpot on a daily basis not only to aid in our own marketing and sales growth but for our clients too. With all of the products and features available, HubSpot helps keep all of your teams—from sales to marketing—cohesive, and really makes it easy to track and measure the success of our business goals and efforts. Not to mention the software integration possibilities are endless, making it a seamless transition for many businesses!

Pyxl Integrations

Here are a few of our FAVORITE HubSpot Products that we use at our digital agency. We recommend your business take advantage of these key HubSpot Products to obtain a full scope on your business and marketing needs:

HubSpot Products

HubSpot Campaigns

When it comes to organizing and reporting all your different marketing campaigns, HubSpot’s campaign feature has you covered! In order to optimize your marketing goals, having a strong grasp on your campaigns is key. And with multiple marketing campaigns running at once, the HubSpot campaign feature allows your team to build multi-channel inbound marketing campaigns and track their success all in one place. Your differing campaign data and content can be stored separately to allow your streamlined marketing objectives to play out seamlessly. 

HubSpot Social Media

Any good marketer knows how important social media has become in today’s digital world. With nearly 60% of the world’s population using social media daily, maintaining a strong digital presence is important. With HubSpot’s social media tools you can integrate all your social media platforms into HubSpot: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. This feature makes it easier to schedule your social posts in advance from all your social media platforms using one tool. Plus, you can analyze performance and see ROI reports across your various social channels.

HubSpot Social Media 2

HubSpot Ads

When it comes to connecting with leads online, promoting your brand via ads becomes a key part in building your digital strategy. By promoting ads for your business on various devices and channels, your marketing team can reach much larger audiences in a real-time, personalized way. Utilize HubSpot’s ad feature to create engaging promotions and start targeting users that convert, and knowing which ads they convert on.

HubSpot Landing Pages

One of our favorite features of HubSpot’s marketing tools would have to be the landing page builder! As HubSpot states, “landing pages are the heart and soul of an inbound marketer’s lead generation efforts,” and if you’re unsure of how to begin even setting up a valuable landing page, HubSpot’s landing page feature is just the tool for you! A good landing page can help your business captivate views and generate leads, and here, you can easily build visually appealing, conversion-oriented, responsive landing pages that match your website and look great on every device.

HubSpot Forms

When it comes to finding and converting leads, HubSpot’s forms tool can be extremely helpful. For marketers, forms are becoming a valuable tool in gathering important contact information for digital strategies. With forms that ask the right questions at the right times, you can convert visitors into leads and collect valuable lead intelligence to further your digital strategy. HubSpot’s forms feature allows you to create and distribute lead nurturing forms.

HubSpot Contact Form

HubSpot File Manager

Maintaining your website can be a tricky task, especially as your team juggles your growing brand. With HubSpot’s file manager feature, you can keep all of your website assets in their content delivery network to ensure your content can be shared easily and reliably. In having access to all of your website assets in one place, any updates or changes that need to be made can be done seamlessly.

HubSpot Workflows

HubSpot’s workflow builder can help your team define your business goals clearly and effectively. A streamlined workflow process can help your team automate repeatable tasks and make collaboration much more efficient. With this feature, you’ll also have the tools to grow and replenish your database as contacts naturally drop off your list over time, which is why it’s one of our favorites.

Workflow download

HubSpot Lead Scoring

Curious to know how each of your business leads score in terms of engagement? With HubSpot’s lead scoring feature, you can build custom scores for your leads based on any of their behaviors with your brand. In doing so, you can visually see which leads connect with your business, what type of content they engage with, and build your campaigns around this info! With this in mind, you can then prioritize who your sales team should follow up with.

HubSpot Persona Management

Similarly, when dealing with leads it is important to be able to understand who your business is trying to contact and connect with. 63% of marketers create content via working with buyer personas, therefore ensuring your team has a solid understanding of your audiences. By building marketing personas inside of HubSpot’s software for custom persona-based reports and tailored communications, you can feel completely prepared for contacting future customers.

HubSpot personas

HubSpot Email Marketing

Does your business stay connected with your lead contacts via email? With HubSpot’s email marketing feature, you can send personalized, beautiful marketing emails to gather leads. In the same feature, you can also measure which messages are most effective and use that data to plan the rest of your email marketing strategy! As 35% of marketers send their customers 3-5 emails per week, your team will want to stand out among the sea of general emails with engaging messages. 

HubSpot Deals

Storing, tracking, managing and reporting on the deals that your sales team is working with can be an overwhelming, messy task. With the deal feature in HubSpot, your team can stay connected with one another and have all the proper info stored right at your fingertips. This tool ensures that your team will never be underprepared or lose important information. 

HubSpot Marketing Analytics

When it comes to analyzing your marketing strategy, the numbers become extremely important! In order to see just how well your strategy is working, HubSpot marketing analytics allows you to fully analyze which of your marketing activities are driving the highest ROI in terms of visits, leads, and customers. This tool can work hand in hand with your marketing team to boost business growth and realign your business goals if need be. 

HubSpot Reports

Similarly, monitor your social media growth, engagement and ROI over time across different networks with HubSpot’s reporting feature! Here, you can connect lead conversions and deals back to the content assets and actions that influenced them. With this feature, your team can organize your content into a campaign and understand just how your marketing efforts contribute to your business’ bottom line. In the end, seeing visual results can influence the way your team handles your digital strategy in the future!


HubSpot Chat Bot

Has your team worked with custom chat bots before? With HubSpot’s custom bot feature, you can deploy digital bots that assist you with simple requests such as surfacing relevant help documentation, booking appointments, and more. In order to stay on top of your day to day goals, a custom chat bot can help keep your team on track.

HubSpot Chatbot

Partner with Pyxl to Improve Your Digital Strategy

Ready to learn more about how HubSpot can improve your digital strategy? Pyxl can help! With over ten years of experience as a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner, we ensure your HubSpot platform is fully optimized. We’ll work with you to iron out your business and marketing goals inside HubSpot, and get your team on track to succeed!

Or if you’re looking for a little more information on how Pyxl can help you succeed with HubSpot, check out our guide that explains our process and implementation services: What’s Included in Pyxl’s HubSpot Implementation and Set-up.

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