Debunked: 5 Myths About Digital Marketing Agencies

Apr 27, 2017 | 3  min
author Bonnie Horner

What pops into your head when you think ad agency? If you’re like most people, you conjure up images of whiskey-filled rocks glasses, smoke-filled conference rooms, and dapperly-dressed executives pitching the next “big idea” for an up-and-coming automotive brand. While those notions may have been true 60 years ago, it’s now 2022 and a lot has changed – especially the smoking and sipping aspects. Since we’re so far removed from those times, we’re calling those examples myths, even though they may have technically been true in years past. While we’re at it, we’re happy to debunk some other agency myths as well, at least as far as digital marketing agencies are concerned.

Myth 1: Agencies can’t adapt quickly enough to meet the needs of my business

Every business is different and each has its own unique needs and challenges. So how can an agency expect to meet the needs of numerous businesses at once? Digital marketing agencies today are incredibly flexible and always on the lookout for new ways to make sure that every client reaches success. Our team at Pyxl is made up of specialists from many different industries – retail, higher education and healthcare to name a few – all offering perspectives and insights that are invaluable to a brand looking to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world. The necessity to quickly learn the ins and outs of our clients’ companies is something we love about this industry.

Myth 2: Agencies are just in it for the awards

Yes, we like awards, that’s true. But we like earning awards because it means we’re creating incredible work for our clients. When we delight a client, that means we’ve helped them reach success, which, in the end, is what it’s all about. For us, the awards aren’t the reason we work hard, they’re just a byproduct of pushing ourselves to become better business partners.

Myth 3: Agencies just can’t keep up with new ideas

This is the easiest myth of all to debunk. We’re constantly sharing emerging technologies, new ideas and best practices in Slack. In fact, not a day goes by that someone doesn’t offer a quick tip on maximizing productivity or changing perspectives on ways we approach our work. We’re all naturally curious people, and one of our company pillars, “Always Be Learning” is a constant reminder to be on the lookout for new, innovative ways to solve problems.

Myth 4: You have to go to LA, Chicago or New York to find a great digital marketing agency

Nope. This is one of my favorite agency myths, mostly because it’s so laughable. It’s true there are agencies in big cities that do great work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find stellar digital marketing agencies in smaller cities. Have you noticed how vibrant many up-and-coming communities are? The best digital marketing agencies hire talented designers, developers and communication strategists from all over and we recognize that there are amazing businesses and organizations in cities of all sizes.

Myth 5: Agencies are distant, hard to reach and they won’t work with my team

We’re happy to debunk this one. It’s often thought that once a company signs on the dotted line the agency has no need to offer support or have open communication with the team. For us, being a client means being a long-term partner. We love seeing our communication strategists, designers and developers on location and spending time understanding the unique needs of our clients. Because no company is the same as another, a “one size fits all” approach to our work just won’t cut it.

So, there you have it. While today’s agencies may not be as sexy as “Mad Men” would make them seem, they are completely capable of handling any challenge a client throws their way.

Do you currently work with an agency that makes these myths seem a bit more like truths? Maybe it’s time to see someone else. At Pyxl, we create digital experiences that engage audiences, drive leads and grow businesses. And, we like to consider ourselves the “un-agency,” breaking the trends that frustrate so many people about their agency partners.

Give us a call – we’ll save the scotch for celebrating the launch of your new website.

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

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