Top 5 Tips for Improving your Customer Experience

May 17, 2021 | 3  min
author Bonnie Horner

Have you had a great customer experience?  When you do, you never forget, and it causes you to want to go back for more. 1 in 3 customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience. Customer experience, or CX, includes the interactions and experiences your customer has with your business throughout the entire customer journey, from the first contact to becoming a happy and loyal customer. Any time we interact with our clients, we have an opportunity to demonstrate our dedication and understanding of their business. We’re in an industry where we are often the brand’s voice, and their business growth is therefore reliant on our services.

Understand who your customers are

The next step in building upon these customer experience principles is to bring to life the different types of customers who deal with your customer support teams. If your organization is going to understand customer needs and wants, they need to connect and empathize with the situations that your customers face. 46% of consumers will abandon a brand if employees are not knowledgeable. Always be thoughtful and strategic, not just a taskmaster. 


One way to do this is to segment your customers and create personas (or customer profiles). Try to give each persona a name and personality. Customer personas enable your support team to recognize who each customer is and to understand them better. They are also a critical step in becoming truly customer-centric.

Capture customer feedback in real-time

Listening and understanding, then acknowledging your knowledge, are drivers to an outstanding client experience.  Be cautious with your client, keeping your tone appropriate and your body language intact. Respond to inquiries promptly and give them all your attention. Don’t leave the client wondering if you received their outreach or request. Incorporating tools such as chatbots also can help aid in the customer experience. Chatbots are functional 24/7 and work to connect customers during and after business hours. This chatbot tool aids the customer experience by never allowing a customer to leave the website due to an unanswered question.


Ensure that your clients know that questions are welcome and collaboration is crucial to success. Furthermore, companies should tie the customer feedback to a specific customer support agent to show them how much of a difference they are making.

Create a clear customer experience vision

Your customer experience strategy should include a clear customer-focused vision that you can communicate with your organization. 64% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to others if it offers simpler experiences and communications. The easiest way to define this vision is to create a set of statements that act as guiding principles. Once these principles are in place, they will drive the behavior of your organization. Every member of your team should know these principles by heart, and they should embed them into all areas of training and development. Educate the client regarding your business’ processes and industry terminology. Remember that while it may be second nature for you, the client doesn’t operate in your world.

Incorporate CX Automation

Incorporating customer experience automation allows the bridge between the customer and the company never to break. A customer experience automation system can share information with customers, help provide customer support 24/7 and provide a consistent user experience. Automating automation into the customer experience can be described as automating routine tasks to enhance customer experiences. With the help of automation tools, your team can provide valuable information to your leads and customers, resulting in a more robust and consistent experience.

Best Marketing Tools

Make customers part of your company’s success

Businesses need satisfied customers in order to succeed. Building strong customer relationships also requires involving customers in community activities or social events. The recognition of your customers’ positive contribution to the company’s success is a big deal for them. Not always monetary benefits are appreciated. You can acknowledge this positively in the following ways: Rewarding your loyal customers, giving them early access to products, and offering discounts for high-spending customers. 

To create a memorable client experience takes more than one interaction – it takes a well-rounded experience with multiple touchpoints and multiple touchpoints. At Pyxl, we strive to hit the gold standard in client experience with every single one of our engagements. This experience is why our clients continue to come back to us year after year. Interested in working with a team that will become an extension of your organization and ultimately drive your success? We’d love to work with you – contact Pyxl today.

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