5 Tips for Writing Effective Web Content

Apr 07, 2020 | 3  min
author Pyxl Communications

When it comes to improving on-site performance and conversions, copywriting reigns supreme. However, for many brands writing web content seems to be a consistent problem area. 

Engaging, effective web content doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some of our top tips for writing web content that informs, educates and delights your customers:

5 Tips for Writing Web Content

1. Focus on the benefits before the features

This is a common mistake that many brands fall victim to. They get caught up in showcasing the features they offer, without telling the user how it will benefit them. When a user engages with your site, they’re typically motivated to find a solution to their problem. While it’s nice to advertise the fancy bells and whistles you have to offer, remember that your customers want to know how your products or services will benefit them. As you flesh out your web content, ask yourself, “Do I tell the user how we can improve their lives?” If the answer is no, rework your copy to read more benefit-driven.

2. Channel your inner consumer

One of the most important considerations of your brand strategy is a clear, consistent brand message. Across your website, your brand message should be effectively communicated in a way that engages your customers. Copy that reads inviting and compelling is a massive influencing factor when building a loyal customer base that can’t help but to keep returning.

A great way to tackle this? Think like a customer. What can you offer that leading competitors can’t? How can a customer benefit from your business? Your web content should be equal parts descriptive and informative, capturing the essence of your brand.

3. Keep it simple + trustworthy

Now more than ever, consumers favor honest, trustworthy brands. In a 2019 survey by Richard Edelman, more than 80% of respondents said that trust has a major impact on buying behavior. When a customer seeks out information about your business, your website is the first place they’ll visit–emphasizing how important your web content is in aiding trustworthiness. Our best advice: let your products and services speak for themselves. Keep your web content simple, and free of flashy promises that may not be true for each customer.

4. Lean into sub-headers

A simple strategy to boost your web content and search engine optimization is to lean into your sub-headers. Users have short attention spans, so short that the majority of users simply scan webpages without actually reading the content in front of them–this is where sub-headings come into play.

Rather than having a webpage with heavy copy, implementing sub-headers is a simple way to break up text and create engaging movement on a page. Sub-heads are also a great tool for keeping web content short and sweet, only allowing about 10 -15 words.

5. Have clear calls-to-action

It’s not enough to tell your customers how your business can benefit them, providing them with a clear call-to-action to facilitate a conversion is essential. You should never assume that a customer will be compelled enough to figure out the next step in their buyer’s journey alone. After they’ve scanned your engaging sub-header, you should always provide users a clear next step.

Can they purchase directly from your site? Should they schedule a call with a team member? Whatever action you want customers to take, make sure to give them multiple opportunities to do so. Even if they don’t take that action right away, you’re ensuring that they know where to go in the future.

See It In Action

We had the opportunity to craft engaging, compelling web content in our latest site rebuild for Fillauer. Since 1917, Fillauer has led the way in orthotic and prosthetic innovation while remaining a family-owned business. To see how we engaged and informed customers while embodying Fillauer’s internationally-recognized brand, explore our case study

To learn more about how web content can impact your business, contact our strategists today!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

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