Healthcare Marketing Campaigns that Use a Shared Values Strategy

Feb 18, 2020 | 2  min
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A strong, trustworthy brand for your healthcare organization is critical. According to the Harvard Business Review, 64% of consumers state that having “authentic shared values” is the largest influence on their relationship with a brand. How does a healthcare organization go about expressing their values? Through a compelling marketing campaign. Here are some examples of excellent healthcare marketing campaigns, displaying their authentic values.

New York Presbyterian Hospital

New York Presbyterian Hospital took the story-telling approach. Their “Amazing Things” campaign featured patients sharing stories of strength, resilience and restored health through their own voices in these compelling videos.This campaign immediately targets the patient and demonstrates relatable and authentic values right away. Trustworthinessis one of the most important criteria consumers used while searching for health information, according to the Journal of Medical Internet Research. This campaign paints the healthcare organization as trustworthy, which is extremely important for any organization, but even more so for healthcare.

Dana-Farber Brigham & Women’s Cancer Center

According to the New York Times, only 34% of Americans have great confidence in medical leaders. The slogan for the Dana-Farber Brigham & Women’s Cancer Center’s campaign states: “Right now you may have cancer. But what your cancer doesn’t know is – You Have Us.” The “You Have Us” campaign builds confidence by expounding upon their distinguished clinical characteristics and accessibility.Their microsite,, speaks to the wide array of specialists, experience, the newest treatments, research and awards the Center offers their patients. A featured video in this campaign includes treatment providers walking the patient through what to expect, exemplifying what it means to build trust with your audience.


Theraflu’s campaign, “What Powers You” embodies the value of empowerment. According to the World Health Organization, “…empowerment can lead to improvements in health-care quality,” which translates to greater satisfaction in healthcare consumers.

Participants in the Theraflu campaign were asked to describe what they are passionate about and why it’s important to not be slowed down by a cold or flu. Their website features stories about rescuing dogs, eliminating hunger and supporting parents, all under the heading “POWER LIVING.” This campaign establishes empowerment as an authentic value embraced by Theraflu.   

All three of these campaigns successfully demonstrate authentic values that a healthcare consumer would likely seek.

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Updated: Mar 01, 2023

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