3 Ways to Turn Admissions Into Enrollment

Jan 28, 2016 | 2  min
author Pyxl Development

After all the acceptance letters have been sent out, it’s a waiting game to see who will attend your institution. Admitted students will start trickling in throughout the next few months as the deadline approaches, but what if you could be proactive during that time to help nudge them in your direction? Capitalize on this time, and turn admissions into enrollment with the help of these digital marketing tactics.

Personalized Email Campaign

Every prospective student should have an email address, so a personalized email campaign makes perfect sense. This is an easy way to convey what they mean to your institution, remind them of the benefits you have to offer and track the data to discover who is truly interested.

Consider creating and sending a few emails, spaced out every two weeks or so (depending on your current email marketing schedule, because you don’t want to bombard them!). Then personalize the messaging – address the prospective student by name and highlight activities or programs they’ve already indicated they might be interested in. Begin tracking metrics like open rate, click rate, bounce rate and unsubscribes to better gauge their interest level.

Personalized Video Messaging

A personalized video from the admissions officer who handled the prospective student’s application shows how much your institution cares by going the extra mile. In the video, explain why the student is the perfect fit for the school. It connects with them on a much more intimate level than a brochure or letter. This can be done by shooting the video on your iPhone or something similar, uploading to YouTube and emailing the link to the student.

Personalized Social Media Outreach

You want to be where your prospective students are. For the majority of them, that’s social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the platforms that will probably be of most value to your institution, although don’t count out other platforms like Snapchat and LinkedIn. In addition to your normal social media marketing, begin adding in specific outreach to certain students you’ve accepted into your institution. Tweet them a link to the previously mentioned video or ‘like’ the picture they posted of their visit to your campus. This gives your institution a personal touch and shows that you care. Plus, it keeps you at the top of their minds when it comes time to enroll.

You might have noticed a theme here – the most important aspect of the digital marketing outreach is personalizing it. This is your last chance to convince the prospective students to attend your institution. Make them feel special and wanted! We help many different higher education institutions implement digital marketing tactics like the ones we’ve outlined above and work with them to increase admissions, as well as enrollment. If this sounds like something you’d like help with, we’d love to chat! Reach out today by emailing us at highered@pyxl.com.

Updated: Nov 06, 2020

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