Pyxl Builds Responsive Website for The Episcopal School of Knoxville

Aug 13, 2015 | 2  min
author Allegra Korver

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. August 13, 2015 – The Episcopal School of Knoxville recently hired Pyxl, a full-service digital marketing firm, to design and develop a new, responsive website. Created with prospective families in mind, the goal of the website was to make it easy to navigate, easy to read and easy to capture the essence of the school.

“When planning our new website, it was very important for us to find a way to tell the story of our school online, and the designers and team at Pyxl were able to do just that,” said ESK Director of Communications, Melissa Callahan. “The new site provides a strong usability and functionality that was lacking before and allows prospective families to explore our campus and understand who we are as a school before they visit.”

First and foremost, The Episcopal School of Knoxville needed a new website that was mobile friendly. It was extremely important to them to have a responsive website so that visitors could access it wherever they were, on any device they had. Additionally, the site needed more movement. Pyxl took the previous, text-heavy site and turned it into a more interactive and engaging site with easily digestible information.

“We wanted to really bring this site to life through the use of movement, images and text,” said Creed Huckaby, managing director of the Knoxville Pyxl office. “This was a fun website to work on not only because The Episcopal School of Knoxville was so great to work with, but also because we were able to convey the strong community feeling of the school through it.”

Another key feature of the website was the calls-to-action. Pyxl mapped out key areas of the site to house the various CTAs such as ‘apply now,’ ‘schedule a visit’ and ‘request more info.’ Highlighting these actions and making them easy for a visitor to find was a priority in designing the new website.

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Updated: Aug 13, 2015

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