5 Spot-On Examples of Incredible Healthcare Marketing

Apr 20, 2019 | 2  min
author Pyxl Development

We’ve all done it…Googled our symptoms and traveled deep down the internet medicine rabbit hole of potential illnesses. Before you know it, that tender ankle escalates to a flesh-eating disease. It’s this digital accessibility that creates a unique challenge for healthcare marketing professionals.

In today’s digital landscape, users are able to self-diagnose and self-cure themselves faster than ever before, all without having to leave their homes. It’s a landscape where quality digital touchpoints are more important than ever, which is where a robust marketing strategy comes to play.

When executed correctly, healthcare marketing goes beyond just increasing brand awareness. It improves patient compliance, adds value to patient-doctor relationships and betters health outcomes. To help give you a better sense of what successful healthcare marketing looks like, we put together a few of our favorite examples:

Medical Realities: Surgical Training in 360-Degrees Campaign

Using VR technology, Medical Realities gives users an immersive surgical experience by bringing them directly into the operating room via a 360-degree camera. By giving viewers first-hand exposure, MR creates both a unique and controlled learning experience available to everyone.

Philips’ Better Me, Better World Campaign

We love a campaign that seeks to make a difference in the world. In 2017, Philips launched its Better Me, Better World initiative that allows customers special benefits while giving them the opportunity to support global healthcare causes through the Philips Foundation. With an overarching goal of supporting 3 billion people per year until 2015, Philips offers support on a wide range of causes from caring for at risk mothers and children to helping children with cleft palates.

Phillips healthcare marketing example

Cleveland Clinic’s Health Essentials Blog

One key value behind inbound marketing is producing materials with the sole purpose of educating your audience rather than urging them to purchase a product, which is why we love the Cleveland Clinic’s Health Essentials. Health Essentials is a blog forum started by the Cleveland Clinic offering valuable health and wellness information on a number of topics from nutrition and parenting to oral and mental health.

ZocDoc’s User Experience

With any marketing strategy, user experience (UX) plays a major role in increasing visibility, accessibility and brand recognition. ZocDoc provides a great example of what that looks like when successfully orchestrated. ZocDoc is an online platform that allows user to reinvent their doctor appointments. On the site, users are able to book appointments online, fill out the necessary paperwork and search for a doctor according to their specialties and accepted insurance.  

If you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to run a successful healthcare marketing campaign, let us know. Whatever your goals are, we have deep experience with developing successful campaigns for healthcare company growth—Say hello!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

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